The difference and realization of the construction method and the custom construction method of IOS _ios

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The construction method, the Int method, does not accept any arguments, and in the actual development process, the construction method is often customized for convenience. Therefore, the following is a description of the implementation of the construction method and the custom construction method.

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h> 
#import "Iphone.h" 
int main (int argc, const CHARCHAR * argv[]) 
 iphone * phone1 = [iphone new]; 
 PHONE1->_CPU = 1.5; 
 Phone1->_ram = A; 
 * */*iphone * phone = [Iphone alloc];//offcc 
 phone = [phone INIT];//[0FFCC init]; 
 *//Open up memory space, and initialize member variable merge to call 
 iphone * phone = [[iphone ALLOC]INIT];//[0FFCC init]; 
 Phone->_ram = A; 
 NSLog (@ "%@", phone); 
 iphone * phone2 = [[iphone alloc] initwithiphonesize:iphonesize4point0]; 
 NSLog (@ "%@", phone2); 
 iphone * phone3 = [[iphone alloc] initwithiphonesize:iphonesize4point0 Andphonecolor:iphonecolorblack]; 
 return 0; 

#import <Foundation/Foundation.h> enum Iphonesize {iphonesize3point5,//3.5 inch screen iphonesize4point0,//4.0 inch screens 
iphonesize4point7,//4.7 inch screen iphonesize5point5//5.5 inch screen}; 
typedef enum IPHONESIZE Iphonesize; 
Enum Iphonecolor {iphonecolorwhite, iphonecolorblack}; 
typedef enum IPHONECOLOR Iphonecolor; 
Enum Iphoneflashlightstatus {iphoneflashlightstatusopen, iphoneflashlightstatusclose, IphoneFlashLightStatusAuto 
typedef enum IPHONEFLASHLIGHTSTATUS Iphoneflashlightstatus; @interface Iphone:nsobject {@public/** is used to store the Iphone screen size * *//enum iphonesize and iphonesize equivalent iphonesize _size;// 
 Used to store the iphone screen size/** is used to store the iphone color/iphonecolor _color;//used to store the iphone color/** used to store the CPU size * * float _cpu; 
/** is used to store internal capacity/float _ram; 
/** Open Flash/-(void) openflashlight; 
/** Turn off flash/-(void) closeflashlight; 
/** automatic */(void) Flaselightauto; 
/** Photo/-(void) Camerawithflashlightstatus: (iphoneflashlightstatus) Flaselightstatus; /** returns based on incoming parametersBack to the corresponding color * *-(NSString *) Getcolorwithiphonecolor: (Iphonecolor) Iphonecolor; 
+ (NSString *) Getcolorwithiphonecolor: (Iphonecolor) Iphonecolor; 
Custom constructor method//1. Must be an object method//2. The construction method must be the init start-(Iphone *) Initwithiphonesize: (iphonesize) iphonesize; 
-(Iphone *) Initwithiphonesize: (iphonesize) iphonesize Andphonecolor: (iphonecolor) Iphonecolor; 
Through the above introduction, I hope that we have the construction method and the custom construction method has the understanding and the difference, hoped that has the help to everybody.

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