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Both the MacBook and the MacBook Air are ultra lightweight portable notebooks that use scenes and positioning more alike, but there is a big difference between them. Here is a specific introduction for you.


The MacBook uses a 12-inch screen, while the MacBook Air has 11-inch and 13-inch two versions. Although the MacBook Air 11 inches sounds smaller, it is still bigger and heavier than the MacBook, because the latter uses a more integrated design and accommodates larger screens. So the MacBook's portability is a better one.

  Screen effects

On the screen, the MacBook uses a 12-inch, 2304*1440-pixel retina retina screen, with a higher pixel density and a more subtle display effect. And the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Air screen resolution is 1366*768 pixels and 1440*900 pixels, are relatively backward configuration, near the screen will be easier to see pixel points. Clearly, the MacBook's screen configuration is more appealing in times when mobile phones are generally 1080P Full HD resolution.


The hardware is probably the most painful part of the purchase, both of which use Intel's newest Broadwell core and 14nm processor, so who's more powerful? The answer is actually from the main frequency can be seen: MacBook Air. In fact, the MacBook's core M processor is positioned between the Atom Hang, featuring Low-power, fan-less design, and a slightly stronger performance component than atom, but unable to reach the core level. So how much is the performance gap between the MacBook and the MacBook Air? Let's go through the test to get a better idea.

By running the software test it is clear that the core M processor performance of the MacBook is less than the MacBook Air core processor, and the integrated graphics chip performance is basically only 2011 of the 13-inch MacBook Air level. In addition, the MacBook Air offers the choice of a core i7 processor, with more robust performance.

In simple terms, the MacBook is more focused on the portable Internet experience, and it can deal with some of the less onerous productivity requirements, which are equivalent to the last or the previous year's hyper-performance, while the MacBook Air is more powerful, with a lower screen resolution and less burden on integrated graphics, which allows for smoother running of some graphics software.

  Ease of Use

The most controversial part of the MacBook design is that the fuselage is equipped with only one USB-C interface, and don't underestimate this part, it will have a great impact on your use. One of the most obvious questions is: How do you use a USB drive or charge a phone when you're connected to a MacBook? Obviously, it's not possible to do this without additional attachments. In contrast, the MacBook air is a more traditional notebook, with a separate power supply and two USB 3.0 connectors, a Thunderbolt 2 interface, the expansion of the better. Of course, the industry generally believe that USB-C is the future standard, will greatly reduce the thickness of notebooks, but for now, it is still in the early stages of development, the ease of use of products has a certain impact.

In addition, Apple has redesigned the MacBook keyboard, using a lighter, more keyed button, and if you are accustomed to the chocolate keyboard of a regular notebook, it may take some time to adapt. The MacBook Air keyboard is unchanged and still feels good.

  Battery Endurance

The average battery life of a MacBook is about 9-10 hours, while the MacBook Air (13 inches) is about 12-13 hours slightly.


There is no doubt that the new molds, new designs and new technologies will cost the MacBook more, and the 9288 yuan price is more expensive. And the MacBook Air is actually used for nearly 7 years old mold, the cost is relatively lower.


So the final question is: Which one should we choose? If you are a trendy, ultimate portable, and just using a laptop to surf the internet, then a more stylish and lightweight MacBook might be more appropriate. Its performance is not very good, but enough to browse the Web to chat QQ, running documents and other tools are basically no problem, of course, you also need more budget. As for the model, the 11288-dollar version has 512GB SSD storage, the processor is not significantly improved, if you need more storage space, you need to consider this version, because the MacBook's hard disk is welded on the motherboard, cannot be replaced.

In contrast, the MacBook air is undoubtedly a more cost-effective choice, the 6288 yuan entry price can bring you more mainstream performance, resulting in more fluent multitasking and large software. Of course, wide-screen borders, rough screens are somewhat outdated, but they are still frivolous in the notebook market. Whether you choose 11 inches or 13 inches, it is recommended that you choose 8GB RAM (an extra cost of 760), after all, the 4GB standard RAM is not enough. In addition, friends with higher performance requirements can also consider the Core i7 processor and larger hard disk space.

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