The difference between a SAS hard drive and a SATA hard drive

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SAS hard Drive, is a serial connection to the next generation of SCSI technology, the use of serial technology to achieve higher transmission speed, and by shortening the connection line to improve the internal space. SAS is a parallel SCSI interface that develops a new interface. Improves storage system performance, availability, and scalability, and provides compatibility with SATA hard drives.


Compatible SATA, mainly embodied in the physical layer and the compatibility of the protocol layer. Where the serial SCSI Protocol (SSP) is used to transmit the SSCSL command, SCSI Management Protocol (SMP) is used for the maintenance and management of connection devices, and the SATA Channel Protocol (STP) is used for data transmission between SAS and SATA.

Each SAS port can connect up to 16,256 external devices with a direct point-to-point serial transmission. Compared with the traditional parallel SCSI interface, SAS not only improve the interface speed, but also achieve a longer connection distance.


Hard drive, less control chip types.

Hard drive prices are too expensive.

The actual transmission speed changes little.

Users to pursue mature, stable products.

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SATA hard disk, serial connection, Serial ATA bus using embedded always signal, with stronger error correction capability, improve the reliability of data transmission. It also has the advantages of simple structure and hot plug. The main motherboard now has full support for SATA drives.


Compared with traditional PATA, it saves power and cost and is more stable.


When booting the hard drive partition, the SATA hard drive identifies problems with the BIOS.

The difference between SAS and SATA drives

SAS speed is fast, reaching 600mb/s, while SATA speed is only 150mb/s

SAS is a new generation of SCSI,SCSI commands that are very powerful and have a high efficiency performance.

SAS supports disk hot-swappable, which is important for environments with high performance availability. SAS is also a full bi-directional system, while SATA is a two-way communication system.

There is a cost difference between SATA and SAS, and SATA disk costs are low.

SATA and SAS drive connectors are pin-compatible, SAS cables reach 6M and SATA cables can only reach 1M.

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