The difference between a tablet computer and a notebook computer

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Many people ask what is the difference between a tablet computer and a notebook, most people may think of a tablet as part of a PC, but in fact Apple has developed a brand new type of tablet, a revolutionary product that is not part of a PC, and feels like an enlarged cell phone with a simpler function. More close to the use of consumer habits, the tablet computer may be a lot of application development will be closely related to our lives, we use it more convenient, the following we from a variety of aspects to analyze the difference between tablets and notebooks.

Difference One: the difference in appearance

Laptops are bigger, Jack more, the key is more, the screen is not touch, the external design is more than the tablet, and the tablet computer is not, its screen is the use of full touch, the key is touch, the structure looks more compact, and relatively small, easy to carry up!

Difference two: the difference in appearance

The tablet computer usually uses 7 to 8 inch capacitance screen, the use is more convenient, more humanized, the thickness is compared with the notebook is much thinner, probably is between 12 or 13mm, while the notebook thickness basically is about 20mm, like Apple's MacBook notebook is thinner, does not surpass the 15mm, The average laptop screen uses a screen larger than 11 inches, where the 14-inch screen takes the most.

Difference Three: the difference in use

Tablets are lightweight, easy to carry, can be used in any one place, mobile than notebook, and notebook computers can be limited by the shape of the restrictions will not be so convenient, more suitable for the use of indoor desks.

Difference Four: The difference of the function

Relatively speaking, notebook computer more useful, more suitable for office, of course, play can also, and the tablet computer to office is not so convenient, efficiency is also lower, but to play it is quite fun!

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