The difference between memory DDR2 and DDR3

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At present, we use the main computer memory is DDR3 memory, DDR4 memory is already in the research and development phase, has been successful, predicted 2014 total mass production instead of DDR3 memory, today, a netizen asked the editor such a question: the difference between DDR2 and DDR3? Why now DDR2 memory is more expensive than DDR3, which is good? If we compare DDR3 with DDR2 memory parameters we can clearly find that the current mainstream DDR3 memory is better, DDR2 is only the previous generation of products. Currently, new motherboards are also available to support DDR3 memory, and DDR2 memory is only suitable for some older computer motherboards for a year or two earlier.

So why DDR2 memory performance is not as good as DDR3, the price is more expensive? What is the difference between the two? Below we around these computer enthusiasts more confused problem with everyone to do a simple introduction, the first thing to be explained is that DDR2 memory price than DDR3 is not more than DDR2 memory speed than DDR3 better, But DDR2 memory is now obsolete, manufacturers have already discontinued, can buy is almost a small amount of inventory before, because less goods, the price is expensive. Finally, let's look at the difference between DDR2 and DDR3 memory.

  The difference between DDR2 and DDR3:

Comparison of DDR2 and DDR3 memory parameters

At present, DDR2 and DDR3 are the two most mainstream memory specifications, the operating frequency of 400mhz-1000mhz, due to the use of double data rate (double the Rate) technology, so DDR2 memory effective frequency of 800MHz, Up to ddr2-1066 or even DDR2-1200,DDR3 memory can reach more than 2133 of the frequency. In addition to working frequency, another important parameter of memory is timing, which is also the difference between different brands and products. Time series represents the time period that memory needs to complete a task, and the longer it takes, the lower the execution efficiency.

The above is the comparison between the current mainstream standard DDR2 and DDR3 Kingston memory parameters, through the comparison we can find that in the frequency, DDR3 memory is 1333MHz significantly higher than the 800MHz of the DDR2, in addition to the timing of DDR3 memory is also excellent in DDR2 memory, Another aspect is the power consumption, DDR3 operating voltage of 1.5v lower than DDR2 operating voltage, that is, DDR3 memory speed overall excellent than the previous generation of DDR2 memory, and consumes less.

DDR2 and DDR3 memory differences are many, such as a single memory DDR3 memory can do more capacity, etc., we mainly know that DDR3 is the DDR2 upgrade version, its performance regardless of speed or power consumption are significantly superior to the previous generation of DDR2 products.

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