The difference between spring, Spring Boot, Spring Frame, Spring MVC

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The spring framework is like a vendor with many products under it, such as spring Boot, spring frame, spring cloud, and so on.

Spring boot is designed to quickly, easily, and easily build a spring project. It's fast, easy, and simple because spring boot fusion appears to be a lot of third-party libraries, providing some simple ways to configure these libraries and themselves, simplifying them, avoiding our own import of packages and cumbersome XML file configurations. Let's look at the official documentation.

We can see that spring has embedded some containers such as Serverse, which, through the spring boot configuration, allows the program to run quickly without having to install the containers.

Spring Framewo is an open-source application framework that provides an easy way to develop a way to avoid a large number of business/tool objects that could lead to confusing code and, more generally, a framework to help you manage those objects, including its creation, destruction, and so on. You can see that the spring Framework itself does not provide much specific functionality, and it focuses primarily on making your project code organization more elegant, flexible and scalable, while integrating the industry's best solutions with spring. We can look at the Xia Guan Net, what the Spring framework includes.

We can see that the frequently used inversion of control (IoC), Aspect-oriented (AOP), Spring MVC, and so on are included.

Spring MVC is part of the Spring Framework framework. When Spring came out (DI, AOP, etc.), it was very useful, so there was an MVC framework based on Servlet, which mainly solved the problem of WEB development.

Let's take a look at Xia Guan's online explanation.

It is not difficult to find that spring MVC is Spring Web MVC, which simplifies the application of Servlets based on the web level.

The difference between spring, Spring Boot, Spring Frame, Spring MVC

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