The disadvantage of the IFRAME failed to see the full page JS failure from loading CNZZ

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One, iframe blocking onload

Window onload event to wait for all content on the page to load complete, including all the IFrame loading is completed before it will run, so it will give users a great "misunderstanding", in case the IFrame loaded too slow, it will make users feel the site is slow.

Solution: Use JavaScript to dynamically assign values to the IFRAME.

Second, link pool

For each Web server, the browser only has a few connections open. Older browsers, including IE 6/7 and Firefox 2, have only 2 connections per host. In the new browser, the number of connections increases the bird. Safari and Opera have increased to 4, with Chrome 1+, IE 8 and Firefox 3 to 6.

One might expect each IFRAME to have a separate connection pool, but this is not the case. In most browsers, the connection is shared by the main page and its iframe, which means that resources in the IFrame are likely to consume the available connections and block the load on the main page. This is good if the content in the IFrame is equally important, or more important than the main page. In general, however, the contents of the IFrame are less important to the page, and it is undesirable for the IFRAME to occupy the number of connections. One solution is to dynamically assign values to the IFRAME's SRC after a higher-priority resource download is complete.

Third, cost-performance

Creating an iframe consumes 10-100 times more performance than other DOM elements, including style or script

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The disadvantage of the IFRAME failed to see the full page JS failure from loading CNZZ

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