The double deduction of web playback technology

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Many friends of the Web site to adapt music files into Flash animation, to meet their own free play and imagination to create a sense of achievement. But Flash files need Flash special player to play, then on the Web page how to achieve the Flash media file playback it? Of course, you can refer to the Flash Player control code as WMP and real, but a Web page, referencing the WMP and real player controls, refers to the Flash Player control, which is very consuming system resources and affecting the speed of your computer, or even causing a panic. Therefore, the WMP has explored an important way to realize the playback of Flash media files on Web pages. Please click the play key to watch the effect.

Click the right mouse button in the video area and you will find that the media file is in Flash format (below).

Implementation of the method spectrum music will be in the spectrum of the topic after the specific explanation, please pay close attention to, a lot of support.

As you know, Flash is also a form of web pages, many flash masters even simply use Flash to express the entire site. What I want to say here is that Flash can also be displayed as a player, used to play MP3 audio files and Flv, SWF video files. This type of player is also a kind of web player.

Flv Video Player

The media file format is in FLV format.

MP3 Audio Player

The media file format is MP3 format.

There is also a sync to play the lyrics: the song name play).

SWF Video Player

(Click Play in the playlist)

The media file format is SWF format.

Video media such as WMV and RM can be converted to FLV and SWF video files through proprietary software. The above several Flash expression form player's related help, the code and the transformation software downloading please go to the Spectrum Music Forum or any time on-line consultation Spectrum Music .

Is "Flash" player can only play MP3, SWF and FLV? The answer is yes, but through the adaptation, that is the title of this article "Double deduction", "Flash" player can play WMA, such as WMP class, RM and other real media files. The technical idea is to use Flash through JavaScript to control WMP or real. One person in front of the performance, the back of a person to speak. We call this art "double". Yes, Flash is the person in front of the show, and talking is actually hidden behind Windows Media Player or real. effect See see "Sogua" online audition.

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