The easiest way to install the USB disk on the system

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There are a lot of third-party tools, small set of old peaches and cabbage as an example, other products are unmatched, and many production software implanted ads and silent installation of other software more (after all, software developers are also to live), not very recommended.

In the formal access to the production system to install the U disk before, the first to prepare the following tools: good performance of the U disk (4GB based, 8GB more secure), Old peaches (download address: or cabbage (Download address: http://, select the installed version of the &uefi version, and finally you want to make the system image file (Iso/gho format).

Why does installing the operating system require a mirrored file in Iso/gho format?

ISO file contains GHO/WIM/ESD and other system installation files, installation system is actually Gho WIM or ESD files such as Restore/extract to the hard disk partition and rebuild the Windows system boot process. In general, the GHO format is the Ghost packaging system, there is a wim/esd file with the original version of the system mirror, either Ghost Edition or Microsoft original system can be used as a third-party tool to create a startup disk in the WinPE installation. Computer knowledge

Chinese cabbage making u disk, installation system diagram

Insert a U disk into the computer after the start of cabbage, waiting for the software to identify a U disk, the interface to display the settings do not have to change, just click "Start making" can.

Select "OK" in the pop-up window, quiet wait for a few minutes, a Chinese cabbage version of the launch U disk even if the production is successful (if not, you can simulate a system installation after the installation step).

The prepared system installation disk will have two directories, and copy the system mirrors we have set up in the corresponding directory.

Then you can restart the computer, in the BIOS set the U disk as the first boot of the USB disk installation operating system.

Select "10" in the interface that appears after startup to run a custom image, wait patiently, and format your computer's hard drive in accordance with standard installation steps (you don't want to format a partition that directly chooses to install a new system), and this new operating system appears in front of you.

The old peaches made to enable U disk diagram

In the installation of old Peaches before, please everyone first shut down the computer antivirus or protection software, otherwise there will be malicious program alarm or manslaughter caused by the production of U disk invalid.

Start the old peaches, the U disk into the computer, if the U disk is not a new format or have problems, you can use it with the "Initialization U disk" on the U disk processing. U disk no problem. Click "One key to make USB boot disk" to start making (using the default settings, the relevant settings items are not changed).

The pop-up window does not need to reason, direct "OK" is good.

Waiting for the old Peaches finished, open u disk letter, will download a good copy of the Gho to the corresponding directory (ISO direct throw in the U disk). If you just want to format the system disk (c disk), but not the whole computer partition, you can also put the Iso/gho file on the hard drive other places.

Similar to the Chinese cabbage, the computer set to a U disk startup, in the interface select "10" to start a custom iso/img file to select the corresponding file installation operating system.

As for the other WinPE operating system maintenance tools and backup, zoning tools, before we also introduced a lot of people to read their own use OH.

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