The edit command was canceled in 64-bit Windows DOS

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While playing the DOS command line, I wanted to edit the txt file with copy con, and then I didn't want to use Notepad, so I went online to find the command line to edit the text file (just want to install B), and the result saw the edit command.

As soon as you knock, the problem appears as follows

Tell me that edit is not an internal or external command, nor is it a running program. And then I'm going to rip it off and cheat me?

Then I told my roommate, and he tried the edit command to find out. I???. Then I go online to check, Baidu Encyclopedia in the Edit command to do the following explanation:

Edit is a line editor program in the DOS operating system that is used to view, edit, and create text files on your computer. The program also exists in the Windows operating system (64-bit systems are not included).

Emmm, the reason is found, my system is 64 bits, so does not exist very normal. Online said can put 32 Edit.exe download and put to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ under, I tried, hehe.

This answer comes from some know. I think I do not know the things or have not tried to casually talk about, fraught.

Later, an echo command was found that could overwrite or append the text content and not be freely editable. In the end, I used the Notepad honestly ...

If your system is 32-bit and there is no way to use the edit command, well, it can be solved in a way that knows.

If you have a better way to edit text files under DOS can leave a message to tell me! We study together ~

The edit command was canceled in 64-bit Windows DOS

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