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The fuzzy background (blurred backgrounds) has long been a basic photo effect, but in the recent blur background has become the extraordinary tool to make design elements stand out, and is favored by many designers. This approach is fairly easy, silently and naturally giving the content a proper prominence, and the icons and graphics can stand out. Doing so can make two birds a stone. First of all, you can add some different effects to your project, and secondly, it is necessary to add this design effect to the small size of the mobile phone screen, which can effectively improve the readability experience.

A vague background also offers other potential benefits. For example, you can easily reduce your palette and focus on only one main color, especially when using white as the keynote design, which looks absolutely wonderful and clean in a blurry background. As for graphics, you can use either the face or the linear shape to echo the image well. Fonts are also unaffected, so even very narrow fonts can appear legible.

Now, let's continue to look at some amazing app interfaces and demonstrate this powerful effect with a variety of examples and scenarios.

  An app paradigm based on fuzzy background (blurred backgrounds)

Here is the project of the solar alarm being carried out by rocket child, which has a lovely, vibrant, round composition. Clear lines of design elements and missing Gio background perfect fusion together, make the screen looks like how harmonious, exquisite.

Below is a fitness application that presents translucent glass textured layers and friendly control combinations that are covered on a blurry background to the scenario where the green landscape scenario adds some natural design factors.

The design of the notification panel cleverly utilizes warm colors to make the interface a more active appearance. As in the case above, designers also use a low transparent fuzzy background and elegant small parts to coexist harmoniously.

This menu, through the smooth switch of the lens, depicts the change of two states of the menu, in the gray background, the white bold character and the fashion graphic symbol have a good fusion.

Below is a medical application with a large area of blue blur background, using a very good background to blur the effect to match the stylish turquoise color of the feature panel.

The following list design is based on a vibrant image background, the ingenious defocus effect makes the front design elements more prominent. Therefore, all the text content and graphic elements can show a very clear effect.

Next up is the music app for iOS 7, which has a small, beautiful CD image that fits well here. Behind the large area of the fuzzy background of warm tones for music players and control groups, provides a good atmosphere.

Extranet is a good gloss and atmosphere of the application of the example, a favorable fuzzy background and a number of controls composed of such an ideal combination, so that the interface becomes beautiful and generous.

The following illustration shows the general layout design of the white sharp icon and the background of the city blur picture, and forms a neat and exquisite side menu design scheme.

Weather Applications! Designed by fueled, through the hashed, all exudes exquisite and ingenuity of the application of the interface. It has 2 design innovations: The use of fuzzy backgrounds for clever, effective content interpretation, ultra-narrow font and contour graphic design of a very good match.

Designed by the Georg Bednorz design interface, designers borrow the colorful kaleidoscope of colors formed a wonderful case, making the interface look happy and full of positive vitality. Under the white mask the colorful fuzzy background is very good and the foreground lively element echoes.

The following design conveys a very warm atmosphere. The designer makes the interface simple and understandable, with a smooth, blurry spot background, large fonts, and intuitive icons.


Designer completely brings the mature feminine atmosphere through the palette. The neat use of violet's stylish tones creates a soft atmosphere, linear contours and elegant shapes that make the subject look complete.

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