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Is Nokia in an awkward position? It seems to be, and this embarrassment is not like embarrassing embarrassed, more is the internal strategic conflict, the external environment and the worsening of the comprehensive results, the external trap, the burn is probably China's wisdom to describe the best expression of this situation. Just now, Nokia's new CEO Stephen. Stephen Elop has not let Nokia out of the mire, which is the shareholder and even the market for his greatest expectations, on the contrary, he is more like a deep in a paste of the unable to extricate himself. To see how embarrassing Nokia is, let's take a look at what Nokia has done recently.

In June 2008, Nokia will be widely used in the Symbian mobile phone system Open source, in order to obtain full ownership of Symbian to implement this strategy, Nokia at the cost of more than 400 million dollars to acquire Symbian's remaining 52% stake, United At&t, LG, Motorola, NTT DoCoMo, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Italian-French semiconductors, Texas Instruments and Vodafone set up the Symbian Foundation. This is seen as Nokia's important move to boost Symbian's appeal from the impact of iOS and Android, which is rich in the eyes of most users, and Symbian is more of a slow-moving old man, Open source seems to imply that Symbian will appear in front of users, vendors and developers in a new way, and we have even imagined the possibility of a fake Symbian handset, just as we now look forward to the popularity of Shanzhai Android phones.

But because of the sectarianism among manufacturers, but also because of the popularity of Nokia's own protection awareness, Symbian's open source has not been able to get the heart of the handset manufacturer, in the manufacturer's view open source is only Nokia to protect itself and Symbian platform a means only, the lack of software developers and partners real support, The weak ending was expected. February 4, 2010, Symbian Foundation fully open the source code license, but this time, the media, users, manufacturers are beginning to sing down Symbian, and Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung's allies began to gradually reduce Symbian new models, Slowly began to alienate this seemingly fading platform.

December 17, 2010, the Symbian Foundation website official, and Symbian smartphone operating system has finally returned to the closed source, which means that Nokia hopes to borrow power to open up a full frustrated. The Nokia team seems to be starting to make up for a serious gap with rivals, after the continuous improvement of the introduction of the symbian^3, the evaluation of the system is half good, but this is still symbian in recent years to make the biggest improvement, which means that everything will be back on track, Nokia and the team need only time. But it is clearly not the end of the line, depending on the personality that Nokia likes to toss around.

February 11, 2011, Nokia officially announced a partnership with Microsoft, the future of Microsoft's Windows phone will be the Nokia smartphone's main operating system, is trying to improve Symbian's product team by Nokia slapped. You've made enough effort to improve all of this, but suddenly one day the boss tells you that it's not going to work, that you'll be fired, that there will be a new system as our main operating system, and it's hard for me to imagine how serious this strategy is against Nokia's morale. In addition to internal consumption, Nokia Alliance Microsoft has also offended chip giant Intel, which has been committed to Meego smartphone operating system promotion, and Nokia is the alliance's most important partner, Nokia's betrayal means that Meego is likely to die in the womb. It is hard for me to see the real benefits of this partnership for Nokia, whose two-Union alliance is not necessarily a surprise, knowing that Android is at its zenith.

When asked why Nokia did not choose Android as a partner, Nokia CEO Stephen. "Using Android will give Google too much market power, and Nokia's top priority is to beat Android and build the Windows Phone ecosystem," says Elop. But the alliance between the two sides in the past few days, the industry has reported that Nokia will continue to work with Google to launch the Android phone, Nokia in a paper submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, said the Windows phone platform release time is very short, Compared with Android and Apple iOS, where penetration and consumer awareness are low, partnering with Microsoft may not be able to successfully make it a highly competitive smartphone platform. There is no reason not to, Nokia seemingly unintentional action in the invisible but also to the Microsoft to offend, after all, Nokia pedal multiple ships to Microsoft is not a good thing, and Android is Microsoft Windows Phone 7 need to face the biggest enemy.

It is thought that Nokia in the future will be based on WP7, Android supplemented by the time, Nokia also told you that the SYMBIAN^3 system is still continuing to improve, and in a short period of time will still be Nokia's main use of the smartphone operating system, That means Symbian, the three-generation hero, is likely to Zha corpse and continue to struggle for Nokia's survival.

Look at what Nokia is doing, just like a moody little kid, the frequent strategic shifts that make it impossible to capture their business routes, offend all partners and competitors, and when they need the iron wrist, are as coy as a big girl. That led to a collapse in the number of users, market share, and the company's market capitalisation, and the experience of Nokia was enough to write business textbooks as a failure model.

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