The evaluation of Coursera on the Internet course

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This summer began to choose Coursera on the three north of the network lesson--c++ program design, algorithm basis, data structure basis, they belong to a project, on the words of 249 yuan per month, the project includes a total of seven courses. Because at the beginning of the same time, the data structure and algorithm based on the example of the STL is involved, so the C + + class to see before. C + + I plan to finish the algorithm basis to do. Let's talk about the experience of each course.

C + + Lectures more detailed, the teachers are also very in place, the combination of exercise and curriculum is also very good, but some of the problems are more complex difficult to pass. We suggest that we should take a course to do a lesson, like I have a good time to do a lot of things have to go again qwq

The algorithm Foundation covers the basic algorithm (this slag slag junior three years of competition so basic know), speak Shi Wei God listen to my Peking University friend said is the former competition coach, lectures logic is very strict, many classes will eventually have eggs. Another Liu Jia Ying teacher is also easy to teach, very in place. But unfortunately limited by the online, the question of the link can only rely on their own Baidu to replace, some places feel is not a bit can be figured out, or more to do more summary of the topic. But the net lesson is good also can see repeatedly, can review consolidate in time. This course of matching exercises is not difficult, feel more than the example of class to be simple, do a good job to see other people's code feeling the harvest is pretty big.

The basic course of data structure, because the dregs of the university is the translation, learning and learning from the teacher and the surrounding environment as well as the impact of their own experience, intends to take postgraduate examination computer. Because the data structure in the specialized courses must be tested, so chose this course. The content of the data structure is actually involved in the algorithm foundation, the relationship between the two is very close, the university curriculum also seems to be interspersed with algorithms. At first, not too accustomed to Ming Zhang Teacher's speed, a meal of the feeling is not too easy to get to the point (genius Please ignore), but used to feel very good, not to listen to some of the content. The course is set up in accordance with the university, and then there is a high-level data structure, basically completely covered the course content of the university, seemingly more than the content of our school, such as the storage of trees there is a lot of schools will not talk about. Although the teacher may step by step in class to reproduce the PPT content, but the idea is relatively clear, and PPT also do very good, after class check up is also very convenient and practical. The difficulty of the topic is not very small, hard harvest is also quite abundant.

In addition, if you want to choose the class on the Coursera, the C + + code should pay attention to as far as possible to include the header files are added, because the platform compiler version is older, some local can run out of things on the platform may not be possible, if encountered CE (Compile Error) , if the error is not found, it is basically the compiler version of the problem.

After the lesson, the school slag think, still have to do more questions AH!!!!!

The evaluation of Coursera on the Internet course

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