The experience of the tablet computer in the Spring Festival, WPS Mobile Edition

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As the Spring Festival draws near, more and more people embark on their journey home. Spring Festival also ushered in the peak passenger transport, the crowd also caused passenger pressure. The train is late, the mistake machine waits frequently, dozens of hours or even dozens of hours of life is also very monotonous, how to spend a long journey life? Reading a newspaper and a novel is the best way to pass the time. In the digital reading age, with a smartphone or tablet computer with the WPS Mobile version, convenient to return to the journey at any time to read, add more fun to the journey life.

Take advantage of the spare time

Whether it is the business elite or young professionals, busy they are sensitive to time, can return home due to passenger pressure, resulting in a variety of fragmented time. In a flat plate with WPS Mobile version, just run the WPS mobile version, you can move reading Txt/word/pdf and other e-books at any time, reading newspaper, the road to the "fragmented time" into new value.

In the experience, WPS Mobile version brought a very good reading experience, in addition to reading TXT serial novels, Word e-books, pdf periodicals and other format documents, the actual reading of the data document loading speed is also very fast, reading operation when the content of the page to switch smoothly, and WPS Mobile version of the Reading interface crisp and concise, In line with most people's pursuit of reading style.

WPS Mobile version can read local or online storage of electronic documents, whether it is txt/word/wps or PDF professional Books, WPS Mobile version can be a perfect display content. Mobile phone or tablet with WPS Mobile version, can realize mobile reading, and in actual reading can easily gesture operation, I feel the WPS mobile version in the flat running extremely smooth.

Two, the long journey no longer monotonous

The actual experience found that the WPS Mobile version has super fast speed, super compatibility and excellent reading experience, the majority of visitors to mobile reading the best tool.

Nowadays, electronic reading has been accepted and loved by many book friends, and the WPS Mobile version supports the view and editing of up to dozens of kinds of documents, which completely changes people's reading habit of reading newspaper. Especially in the Spring Festival return journey, "flat +wps mobile Version" is equivalent to mobile library, easy to read all kinds of reading, so that the journey of life is no longer boring lonely.

The actual experience found that the WPS Mobile version for reading users to join the PDF bookmark positioning function to facilitate users to read the novel, which is useful for reading PDF documents on the way home. As long as hand-held tablet, can run WPS Mobile version of reading all kinds of electronic books, reading touch screen can be manipulated, intuitive fast, easy to start, easy to enjoy the journey reading fun!

Overall rating: With a smartphone or tablet computer, with the WPS Mobile version, in the return journey to read the newspaper, to pass the boring journey time. Waiting in the train station, waiting in the airport, in the long road, along the way with WPS Mobile version accompanied by reading is really more comfortable.

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