The fake news of "Microsoft's acquisition of Zend" requires a new mentality in open source.

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Recently, I saw an IT rumor about csdn: "Microsoft purchased Zend for $0.113 billion, and PHP may change its name to MSSE ". Of course, this is the dumb news from the PHP community outside China. Maybe I cannot know whether the author of this news is from open source. But I still see some mentality of the open source community from the comments behind the news. They show helplessness, self-ridicule, and even anger over the closer open-source and commercial development. Should the open-source community be ready to accept commercial software vendors.

The Society is commercialized, and open-source communities are becoming more and more commercial. Most open-source projects are reserved for commercial purposes or competitive advantages. (Zend -- the creator of PHP did not provide Cache Technology for PHP itself for commercial purposes, but proposed it for sale as a commercial product ). Microsoft, however, began to provide free products to establish an open-source community (the Microsoft express product, community, and promised 12 windows development guidelines) to further open up its own platform technology. Let's leave it alone. Microsoft and other vendors aim at open-source motives. From the perspective of open code, the difference between the two may be smaller and smaller. From the neutral point of view, open source will not be 100% open source, and commercial software will not be 100% closed.

Therefore, "open source" (Open Source) and "open source" (Open Source) have aroused great discussions in the open source community. What is open source, open source may represent the spirit of freedom to share the challenge, rather than just open source code. They complained that the open-source community was used by commercial software vendors, which hurt the open-source spirit. The Open Source spirit has always been the motivation to support and promote the development of open source communities. Open-source representatives are brave in the spirit of challenges, challenges to commercial software technology, and the spirit of the challenge is given to open-source products. The open-source community represents the spirit of unity and sharing. The open-source community unites and shares human wisdom. The self-built open-source community seems to be different from commercial software. They call themselves the nightmare of software license vendors.

But what is in front of them is that the commercial software vendors that originally stood on the opposite side have already been among them and challenged them. Sun opened its own Solaris. Oracle acquired bdb and Innobase from open source database vendors to enter the open source database market. Microsoft is also open to open source. The open-source community continues to erect a stronger wall to maintain hostility, or to meet challenges in some way. A new mentality may be needed to face the new attitude of commercial software vendors. We look forward to answers from the open-source community.

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