The fastest universal player software: Storm AV 3.1

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November 13, tens of thousands of users involved in the development of the Storm AV 3 officially released. With the support of the MEE2.0 media expert engine that represents the world's software technology standards, the Storm AV 3 function has gone beyond the MPC, becoming the most supported format, the fastest, most intelligent and easy-to-use player software.

User participation in the Storm audio and video research and development process is still not over, one months after December 24, the Storm audio and video 3.1 officially online. Storm AV 3.1 On the basis of the Storm AV 3 further optimizes the software start-up speed and file playback speed, become the fastest universal playback software. At the same time, the occupancy rate of system resources is further reduced. At a low CPU and memory footprint, allowing users to play video files more smoothly.

MEE2.0 media expert engine, green, powerful, versatile play engine!

Inherit the Storm av 3 "MEE2.0 media expert engine" Storm AV 3.1 truly become the leading world level of playback software, comprehensively beyond the MPC, become a universal player's technical standards. "MEE2.0" brought to the Storm audio 3 of the green, powerful, omnipotent features will also become a universal player development direction.

Universal, more efficient.

In the face of the complex Internet video format, the Storm AV 3.1 truly achieves universal support. Currently there are nearly 400 different video formats on the Internet, with the support of "MEE2.0 media expert engine", Storm AV 3.1 has supported at least 355 media formats! More than 2 more than the Storm audio and video 100, I believe that the number of harsh, tricky video enthusiasts, can be satisfied. The previous version, although already very "invincible", as for similar software, they support the type of media format is not the same as the storm generation, not to mention more omnipotent Storm AV 3.1.

In addition, under the support of "MEE2.0", the Storm audio and video on the new media format support more quickly, the original average 14 days to solve a new format, now only need 1 days, from the user submit a new format, to the latest storm audio support, only need 24 hours of response time. At the same time, thanks to the intelligent upgrade system support, users get the latest format solution channel is also more rapid. Even if there is a new unknown format, Storm audio and video can be downloaded immediately through the background automatic decoding package to complete support.

The green Universal player

Due to the complexity of the video format, many of the universal players, including Storm audio and video, are integrated with many decoding packages. According to statistics, the current mainstream decoding package has more than 56 kinds, in these 56 kinds of decoding package, there are more than 20 kinds of operating system conflict, or conflict between their respective.

The benefits of MEE2.0 to the Storm AV 3.1 are not just supporting a multitude of formats, but the new "MEE2.0 media expert engine" is making Storm AV 3.1 a truly green player. Due to the "MEE2.0 media expert engine" pioneered by the virtual decoding platform technology, so that the storm audio and video 3.1 decoder does not write the registry, so fundamentally solve the problem with other players and even with the operating system, Storm audio 30% for the greenest universal player. This is the first player in the world to support a new format that is not disturbed by the system.

The fastest player

MEE 2.0 media expert engine makes Storm AV 3.1 open file speed and rendering speed greatly improved, the storm audio and video 3.1 playback speed than the previous generation increased by more than 50%. The Storm AV 3 also gained an unprecedented boost in start-up speed, up to 80 milliseconds, and an average of 30%.

In the area of resource occupancy, the Storm audio and video 3.1 of the resource consumption greatly reduced, the memory footprint control to 10 trillion, for the film smooth playback effect better.

Resource occupancy

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