The file inside the Recycle Bin accidentally deleted how to recover?

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the file inside the Recycle Bin accidentally deleted how to recover?

Every time the Internet, you can see a variety of users consulted on the recovery of the file mistakenly deleted the recovery problem, for this high frequency of file loss problems, small series has been unable to spit slot. From the current point of view, many of the computer backup methods can not fundamentally solve the problem of the recovery bin file deletion, and the most effective way is to delete the file recovery. As we all know, the Recycle Bin deleted files are still stored in the hard disk, as long as no new file coverage, through the appropriate data recovery methods, you can effectively recover the files inside the Recycle Bin. Now let's take a look at the recovery method for deleting files in the Recycle Bin.

Often come across the Recycle Bin mistakenly deleted file problem friends know that for the mistakenly deleted Recycle Bin file, we can modify the registry method to restore, but here, the small set to introduce another kind of recovery station File recovery method, this method is relatively simpler, faster recovery, the recovery of the data is also more complete, This method is--invincible data recovery software.

Recycle Bin Delete File Recovery step:

Step 1, search the browser for the download resources of the Invincible data recovery software.

Invincible Data Recovery software is an easy-to-use and powerful file recovery software, the software uses the newest data scanning engine, reads the original sector data from the bottom of the disk in the read-only way, after the Advanced Data analysis algorithm has established the original partition and the original directory structure, the data recovery effect is very good.

Step 2, according to the installation prompts, the Invincible data recovery software installed in the computer.

Step 3, open the Invincible data recovery software, users will be able to see the basic interface of the entire software. Select the empty Recycle Bin option to go to the next step.

Step 4, go to the Recycle Bin scan phase and wait for the scan to complete.

Step 5, in the scan results, the user can browse the file content to determine whether it is needed to recover the file, select the file that needs to be recovered, then click Next.

Step 6, choose the recovery file storage path, where the file can not be stored in C disk, so as not to cause data recovery incomplete. Store the path settings and click Next.

Step 7, wait for data recovery to complete.

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