The file is wrong. Don't be afraid, Jinshan quick dish give you a dose of regret medicine

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I'm sure everyone in the office is quite familiar with how to use Office files, inside the "undo" button is often a good friend, but if your file has been saved, the previous changes in the traces can not be seen, if not careful to save the wrong can be trouble!

Also believe that many friends have experienced this trouble: The file is wrong, the file was mistakenly deleted, and so on. To be honest, when you encounter this problem, the "undo" key in office does not work, is there any good way?

In fact, Jinshan fast can help you solve this problem, fast Pan Yun Bridge version has a "historical version" of the new features, can give careless users a dose of "regret medicine."

Retrieve the False file

User login to the fast disk, in the Cloud Bridge version on the Right tab will find a "history version" button, which will automatically save the last 7 days, or the last 10 modified files. That is to say, each file has a user operation, after saving, will sync to the fast disk server.

When you accidentally change important files and save, even if you find yourself in the wrong, it does not matter, click the historical version, you can find the previous sync to the server version, you can choose to "restore to this version" or "Download to local." "Restore this version" is to replace the corresponding file in the current fast disk with a historical version, and "Download to local" can be downloaded to the required version to view and modify.

Retrieve of mistakenly deleted files

Users accidentally deleted important files, do not worry, can be retrieved through the web version of the fast disk recycling station. Login Web version of the quick disk, click the "Recycle Bin" option, in which you can find the files deleted by the user, and the Recycle Bin is not set the number of files limit, that is, no matter how many files you delete can be found in the Recycle Bin.

Here are a few tips to note:

1, in the web version of the fast disk "Recycle Bin", only the files deleted by the user, and "historical version" is to help users find the wrong modification of the file.

2, the web version of the fast disk "Recycle Bin" in the file is also accounted for user fast disk space, so if the user fast disk space full, the Recycle Bin is also unable to save the file. This time we can remove files that are not really needed from the Recycle Bin. You can select these files, and then click the "Delete" button above to remove them completely.

3. If the user moved the location of the file or renamed the existing file, the historical version of the file will be lost.

At present, Jinshan Quick Disk has been fully upgraded to the Cloud Bridge version, users can go to the official website or download the download site experience, especially for users who often want to make changes to the document, with the "historical version" and "Recycle Bin" this agent "regret medicine", will make work easier.

Jinshan Fast Disk official website download:

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