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Ajax is the most "RAM" web development technology in nearly a year! I have a subscription to some Java news, whether it's JDJ (Java Developer ' s Journal) or Javaworld, and almost every issue introduces Ajax. I am here to explain what is Ajax, it is not clear that users can refer to the post attached to the reference link.

Ajax can make people feel very difficult because it is not like Java, PHP, etc. ... It's just a "single" technique, it's a complex of technology. If you want to be able to make Ajax work, you should at least be familiar with the four basic technologies of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML, or you'll be out of Ajax, and you'll need some back-end page language, such as JSP, ASP, or PHP. Just these several technology separate to learn, all have to spend a lot of kungfu, mixed together not toss people?

After more than a year of development, open the Community and the efforts of commercial manufacturers, Ajax, although the threshold is still quite high, but is not so unattainable. There are more than 10 of Ajax-related books on Amazone, and Ajax-related frameworks and APIs are springing up and growing, even with the integration development tools (IDE). Perhaps these are not enough to make Ajax approachable, because the essence of what to learn is not less, but at least will not let you back the drums, so that you can easily take the first step.

Back to the point of this article, the first AJAX Global developers Conference has begun to register! The name of the conference is called "the Ajax experience 2006", two all-day seminars held in San Francisco (The Riddle: How most of the programming sessions were chosen in San Francisco?). However, admission fee is not cheap, now sign up, also want 1000 dollars, tut-tut ~ ~ If the mentality of pilgrimage to go, to be able to see a lot of celebrities, such as the father of the Ajax Jesse James Garrett, JavaScript creator Brendan Eich and so on .... Of course, the content of the seminar can be expected to be very exciting, detailed meeting information, please refer to the General Assembly's website:


List of main speakers (twinkling stars):

Jesse James Garrett-father of Ajax, adaptive Path

Brendan Eich-creator of JavaScript

Michael Mahemoff-creator of Ajax Patterns

Alex Russell-founder & Project leads for the Dojo Toolkit

Bill Scott-creator of Rico & Ajax Evangelist at Yahoo!

Brad Neuberg-creator of Really simple History, AMASS, and Dojo contributor

Joe Walker-creator of DWR

David geary-best-selling Books on both Java component frameworks

Dylan Schiemann-co-founder of the DoJo Toolki

T Eric Pascarello-co-author of Ajax in Action

Greg Murray-servlet Specification/ajax Lead

Jason Hunter-author of Java Servlet programming

Patrick Lightbody-co-author of "webwork in Action"

Justin Gehtland-co-author of "pragmatic AJAX"

Jonathan Hawkins-microsoft Atlas Lead

Rod smith-vice President of Internet Technology with IBM

Scott Dietzen-president and chief Technology officer of Zimbra

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