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Rising anti-virus software network version of the network can be a unified computer installation, Setup, management, maintenance and upgrade, so as to provide a sound network of virus prevention system. For the first contact anti-virus software network version of users, the lack of experience and the product function of the unfamiliar can lead to increased workload, or even bury the security risks. Together to see the first use of rising anti-virus software network version of the notice.

  Do registration and expansion work

After the user obtains the product, should first to the rising official website will register the product, the registration need to leave the detailed customer information and the contact method, in order to obtain the better service later. When the registration is complete, the registered mailbox will receive the email containing the electronic authorization. The customer must add the user ID in the admin console Manage/Set user information/set user ID. For industry-specific and premium industry-specific editions, you will also need to add industry-specific information codes to the management console. Only after the completion of the above work, rising anti-virus software network version to normal upgrade, and get more services. For the expansion of serial numbers, the same need to go to the rising official website through product expansion for registration, after registration, in the management Console "management"/"Authorization Count Management"/"Add serial Number" to complete the Add. In addition, authorization count management is available to view the number of authorization points that are currently in use.

  Choose an installation deployment that is appropriate for you

Before you install the deployment, you need to carefully read the product manuals on the application of the environment requirements, to avoid the installation of anti-virus software failure or normal use after installation. Rising Antivirus network edition for different environmental requirements, provides a variety of client installation deployment methods, including local installation, script installation, Remote Installation and Web installation. Users with a large number of clients can use the following three installation methods according to their environment to improve deployment efficiency. Where the script installation is limited to users with a domain environment, remote installation currently supports only Windows 2000 and server systems. Therefore, the most recommended deployment mode is the Web installation, just configure an IIS server in the network, the client users to visit the internal site to download installation package installation.

In addition, it is recommended to install using a client installation package that is consistent with the current central program version made through the System Center, which can use three installation modes, including normal installation, automatic installation, and silent installation, and the System Center IP address and installation path can be specified in advance.

Finally, after the System Center and client have been deployed, do not easily change the System Center IP address and computer name, otherwise it will cause the product to run abnormally. If there are related needs, we recommend that users contact rising company to obtain technical support.

  Improve security with the mobile console

Under normal circumstances, rising System Center computers are placed in the center of the computer room, through Remote Desktop login to control. However, allowing Remote Desktop logon is a significant security risk, whether using the default 3389 port or a specified port. Rising anti-virus software Network Edition for security reasons, provides the mobile console function. In the client list, select the client, right-click "Install Management Console", the mobile console can realize most of the functions of the System Center management console. For intranet users to manually upgrade the System Center, through the mobile console, "Upgrade"/"Manual Upgrade" feature, specify the local upgrade package path, no longer need to copy the upgrade package to the System Center computer. At the same time, you can safely close Remote Desktop, improve security.

  Fast grouping by grouping rules

Some customers like to separate the server system's computers into one group for unified management; Some customers prefer to group by department, which may be in the same IP segment or have similar computer names. Rising anti-virus Software Network edition Group rule Management can be based on computer name, IP address, operating system to develop grouping rules, the client quickly grouped, without manually dragging each client. In the management Console "management"/"Group Information Management" to complete the setup, and finally, do not forget the right click on the group information "immediately apply automatic grouping rules", you can complete the automatic grouping of clients.

  An inaccurate solution to the number of clients

In the list of management console clients, the client is displayed based on the MAC address. However, in many enterprises, multiple client computers use the same Ghost version system for fast installation. This situation will lead to a common problem for some customers--after the client is installed, the center points to no problems, the upgrade is OK, and even the policy can be accepted, but it cannot be displayed in the admin console. This is precisely the ghost version of the operating system, the management console will get the same MAC address, but only one client online display information, there will be the client information refresh changes, several clients in turn display. At this point, there is a discrepancy between the number of clients seen at the admin console and the actual number of installations. If such a small number of clients, you can manually delete the client c:windows Ravid.ini file, restart the computer. If the number of clients is high, you can use the Ravid Reset tool to solve the problem in bulk. Open "Start"/"All Programs"/"Rising Anti-Virus software Network version"/"Rising Tool"/"Ravid Reset Tool", the tool is applicable to the premise that the client should be in the boot state, add the computer can not display the IP address, click Reset can be. Reminder: Do not use this tool for clients that appear to be normal.

  Remember to check all the hard drives when the virus is timed

Regular full network Anti-Virus can be found in a timely manner in the local area network virus, effectively prevent the large-scale spread of the virus. The general user will be based on the business hours of the specific circumstances to arrange the timing of time to kill, but often ignored the killing target. The default kill target contains only the key areas and memory, the effect of course not completely antivirus. In the Set antivirus policy/custom task/timed killing, check all the hard drives, or scan the specified directory.

  Backup System Center Critical data

After the System Center is stable, you can back up the current configuration of the System Center and the policies of each group, and when there is an unexpected situation in the System Center, simply import the recovery to avoid causing significant loss and increase the workload. Backup System Center Data by: Open the "Start"/"All Programs"/"Rising Anti-Virus software Network version"/"Rising Tool"/"System Center Data Backup Tool", the default selection of all backup objects, export can. For each group's antivirus policy settings, client option settings, active defense rule settings, and firewall rule settings, click Export on the Settings page. In addition, the information in the client list is the information of the whole network computer and is a good asset registration form. The table can also record the IP address and the corresponding relationship between the MAC address, in dealing with the ARP virus, you can easily quickly find the attack source computer. Rising anti-virus software network version support to export the client information, the specific method is: in the management console, open the "Operation"/"Export client Information", select the Export object, you can export.

Rising anti-virus software network version using a distributed architecture, the entire anti-virus system consists of four interconnected subsystems: System Center, server side, client and management console. Any abnormal operation of a loop can reduce the safety factor of an antivirus system. Regular login to the console, to understand the operation of the System Center, to ensure that the client upgrades and monitoring of the normal, through the Log management tool to pay attention to the virus situation in the network, are very necessary.

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