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In the process of using the Windows XP operating system, we may have lost the admin password for some reason, but how to recover? Below we introduce five cool strokes can be effective recovery password:

Trick 1: You know, Windows xp password is stored in the system's win Nt\system 32\config under the Sam file, Sam file is the account password database file. When we log on to the system, the system automatically and config Sam automatically proofing, such as the discovery of this password and the user name is full with the SAM file in accordance with the encrypted data, you will log on smoothly, if the error can not log in. That being the case, our first method would have been to delete the Sam file to recover the password.

If you don't have any accounts in your system, and you have two operating systems, you can start the computer using another operating system that accesses NTFS, or you can use other tools to access NTFS, although you do not have two systems installed. Then remove the Sam file in the C:\Win nt\system 32\config directory and reboot. This is the Admin administrator account has no password.

The specific performance of the security Account Manager is the Systemoot\system 32\config\sam file. The SAM file is a Windows NT/2000/XP user account database, and all user and login names and passwords will be stored in this file.

Trick 2: Use the Office NT PASSWORD & REGISTRY EDITOR. This software enables you to make a Linux boot disk that can access the NTFS file system, so it can support Windows 2000/xp well. Using a tool that runs under Linux in this floppy disk NTPASSWD can solve the problem and can read the registry and rewrite the account. The use of the method is very simple, just according to the prompts after the start of the step-by-step to do it. Here, it is recommended that you use the quick mode, which lists the user's password for you to choose to modify. The default choice of Admin group users, automatically find the name of the administrator to replace the user, very convenient.

Odd recruit 3: Use Windows KEY 5.0. The software is included in Passware KIT 5.0, which restores the system administrator's password and generates 3 files after running: Txtsetup.oem, Winkey. The SYS and winkey.inf,3 files are 50KB in total. Put these 3 files on any floppy disk and then use the XP installation CD to start the computer and press F6 during startup to allow the system to use a Third-party driver. At this point, it is the best time for us to insert the floppy disk will automatically jump to the Windows key interface. He would have forced the password of the administrator to 12345, so what's the big deal? Ho ho! When you reboot, you will be asked to revise your password again.

Trick 4: Use the Ntfsdos tool to write NTFS partitions from DOS. Use the software to make a DOS boot disk, then rename the screensaver Logon.scr under C:\Win nt\system 32, then copy to C:\Win Nt\system 32 under (WIN2000 can be used CMD.EXE), and the file renamed to LOGON.SCR. After starting the machine for 15 minutes, the screen protection that should appear is now in the command line mode and has administrator privileges, so that he can modify the password or add a new administrator account. Don't forget to change the name of the screensaver after you have finished.

Odd Recruit 5: Here is a more unusual way to do this. You can install an XP system on another partition, the hard disk partition format should be the same as the original, and please note that you must not be installed with the original XP in the same partition! Before you start, be sure to back up the boot area MBR, there are many ways to back up the MBR, using tool software, such as anti-virus software KV3000. After the installation with the administrator landing, now you have the original XP has the absolute right to write, you can put the original Sam test down, with 10PHTCRACK to get the original password. You can also overwrite all files under the newly installed XP Win Nt\system 32\config\ to the C:\Win nt\system 32\config\ directory (set up the original XP installation here), and then use KV3000 to restore the previously indignant main boot zone mbr. Now you can log in to XP as an administrator.

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