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Many of our SEO in the choice to do keyword, have selected several of the industry's hot keyword to compete rankings, this is the right thing to do, but in addition to doing so, is not it also overlooked a number of things, is there any other way to do the ranking, and the optimization of the effort can not optimize the main keyword half? Today's article, obsession will give you a knowledge: the key words of alternative competitive approach. You are welcome to visit my column.

Obsession's idea-to cater to netizens ' search habits

We all know whether to find keywords or choose keywords, consider the search habits of netizens is an important reference factor, and we know that the search habits of netizens by their daily speaking habits, local dialects, education, typing habits and other reasons of the impact of different, based on this idea, When we look for words, we can often figure out some words that are not available on the tool, but may be searched by others, and we list them in the following sections.

A local dialect: for example, to find such a word "Shanghai advertising company which is good", then for the influence of local dialect, often appear the following several different search words: Shanghai advertising Company which is good (Shanghai), Shanghai Ads Company which good (Hong Kong people).

Two typing habits: some people typing habits will also cause the different search terms, such as "Shanghai Finance Company", some people play pinyin, but the input method is not cut, the result became "Shanghaicaiwugongsi", there are people playing pinyin did not choose the phrase, it is easy to become "Shanghai property Company" and so on. Do not say those who are not very able to type, even our daily typing of SEO are often such a mistake.

Three typing speed: typing speed too quickly error prone, such as search "Shanghai Butterfly Friends Financial Studio", if you type too fast, often in the middle will be more than a space, like this "Shanghai Butterfly Friend Financial Studio", but also the input method will automatically match the words inserted into, such as "Shanghai South Butterfly Friends Financial Studio" All of this is possible.

Four typos: Some people often play typos, the use of this feature of Internet users is the premise that your keywords must be easy to out typos words, for example: "Shanghai agent Bookkeeping", some people often search "Shanghai agent Accounting" or "Shanghai Agent account", if you are all know the key words, You are counted as a typo is useless, because this word is the possibility of other people typo is very small.

Obsession's point of view---the advantages of alternative keyword competition

Just need a large proportion: if it is the main keyword, then search it is not necessarily customers, and most of them are peers or "soy sauce", which I believe we all understand. But if the above four categories of "alternative keywords", then the search for its people are often the product or the service has a strong demand for enterprises or individuals, because such people are very few people do, so your competitors rarely search it. So that's one of the advantages of it.

Optimization success rate: Such people do not say that the optimization of its people, even if the amount of information on the network, can be completed matching is also a poor, so with your current optimization of the main keyword, this keyword optimization is usually very small, even more than you optimize the long tail of keywords are easy.

Stable ranking: Alternative keywords once the optimization is successful, theoretically it is very stable, because the search for it is very few people, but as long as someone search it, then your information is bound to be exactly the same, such information can attract users to click, the click Rate is much higher than the same page, then you also worry about its ranking will fall? Even if you want it to drop rankings, Baidu is reluctant to Oh.

Small optimization: Do such a word, you do not need to spend too much time, no need to spend too much energy, competition is too small alternative keywords, perhaps you only need a high-quality article on it. Although the general flow of this word is very small, but because it is not optimized, can easily do ranking, so its optimized cost-effective is very high.

Summary of this article

Today's article is SEO practical knowledge, perhaps we can realize that the next keyword ranking that is more and more difficult, this is mainly due to too many sites, cheating software rampant, SEO practitioners too many reasons. So to maintain the development trend in this industry, we must learn to adapt, first to small flexibility and make a big modification. And a person to think of nature is not to think of a lot of ideas, so we will often go to the webmaster network to learn from other people's experience, the other party said that there is a reason, then give a support, said no reason, then give a bad review, but in general, no matter how much you seniority, we learn SEO should be humble courteous just right, I am obsession, Welcome you to join, later articles, to serve. This article by Shanghai part-time Accounting net Webmaster Obsession original, copyright, reprint please specify the source.

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