The effect of Photoshop on the collapse of Broken mountain highways

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Now there are a lot of strange photos on the web, a large part of the production through PS and to achieve real results, this PS Tutorial example through a simple image synthesis example, "Broken Mountain Road" to show the charm of PS deceitful Act, interested friends can try!

The Broken Mountain Road, the effect of drawing a

Collapse of the mountain road, effect figure II

Original one, normal mountain road material

Original two, cracked land material

Original artwork Three, the ground material that cracks

1, the PS tutorial examples are still made using Photoshop CS5, other versions of the basic general, first open the original image of a "mountain road" material map, as shown in the following picture:

2, and then open the original two "cracked Land" material map, as shown in the following figure:

  • PS Composite Picture Tutorial

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