The favicon. ICO file in Apache cannot be found.

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Article from: when using SVN, the following logs are found in the error log: [Thu Apr 25 13:13:23 2013] [Error] [client] file does not exist: C: /program files/Apache Software Foundation/apache2.2/htdocs/favicon. ICO went to the C:/program files/Apache Software Foundation/apache2.2/htdocs/directory to check whether the file exists. But how can this file be referenced? Wondering... After turning over the materials, it turns out that favicon. ICO is your website icon. When someone saves your website as "my favorite" (using IE browser), it will refer to "favicon" under the root directory of the website. ICO file, which is the icon displayed in my favorite.

For example, when you set " "“my favorite", your "my favorite" list will display the "”" icon.

If your root directory does not contain "favicon. ICO. ICO "nonexistent information (404 Not found) will be written to your apache2 Error Log, so that you can see from this log when and who (its IP address) set your website to "my favorite ".
After understanding the cause, the solution is simple: Put the "favicon. ICO" icon file in the root directory, and the error will disappear. --
Root directory: webroot, which is under Apache .. /apache2.2/htdocs/1. this website can generate ICO files online, 2. or download a penguin,:-) --> about favicon. ICO story <-- about favicon. ICO two or three things favicon. ICO encyclopedia online favicon. icofavicon. ICO effect Preview

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