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Today, the company's Web site as an example of a pragmatic talk, the site for a long time to hit the rankings of the Web site's impact, the official website of the Hundred today found not open, and later learned that is due to the Web server adjustment, and then began to slowly wait for the process, By the time this article was published, the website was finally open, but the result was surprising:

The morning of the exam, the day before the ranking is as follows:


The picture above can show that in the morning, I station the core keywords-Zhengzhou site optimization is the second in the detox, the rest of the key words, also have rankings, the site ranked all normal, at this time the site is not open: the end of the article when the site opened but the ranking changed, as follows:


Can see the site all the keywords are not ranked, which also contains the site's brand words-Zhengzhou Hundred Information Technology Co., Ltd., also has no rankings, which can be the space factor on the site ranking influence in the end how big:

One: The keyword ranking is not stable

Small knitting hands have several websites, found that those who often open the site or the slow speed of the site of their ranking generally will not be very stable, every time on the home page will soon fall, and then start a slow climb up the road, But those space stable faster site generally ranked city next steady rise, and will slowly smooth under the phenomenon of small fluctuations, I do not know if you webmaster friends have encountered similar situation.

Two: Not all sites will be affected

In fact, the site also has good luck and bad times, like the Hundred This is bad luck, the same several sites he did not cut the long time to open the impact, which can be calculated as the more Baidu Spider active site whenever the site is not open when the more vulnerable, relative to those spider activities less site Spiders do not often go to your site you have a greater hope of escaping the site can not open to the impact of your site, in fact, it is very good to see that the spider is active sites often have spiders crawling, the site can not open a quick spider know, and those spiders are not active sites, spiders to your site frequency is low, You may not be able to open the spider also did not come, so it will not have any impact on you.

Three: Industry and key words themselves

In fact, some webmaster also know that every update to the different industries in the same industry to update the sequence of keywords is not the same, some words in itself there is a lot of instability factors such as SEO is the word change coefficient is larger, as for why the change in the big here will not say, interested friends can contact me in private to communicate, So when your site's content and keywords are inherently volatile words or industries, then the site can not open will have a greater impact on you.

Finally, the space is the foundation of the website operation, no matter what kind of site space can not open to the site itself to the customer will have more or less impact, but this impact may be a large, so the day we want to do a good job of the site's most basic hardware is to choose the best, so that the site will be more sustainable play its role. (Zhengzhou website Optimization indicated)

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