The life cycle of a program ape

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programming is the skill of a programmer, and your program is your artwork. Always focus on your skills, stay enthusiastic, stay curious, and strive for expertise and versatility.

No industry can be as active, stimulating and interesting as the computer industry about the programmer's career. Not only is the main force of the new Industrial Revolution, but also infiltrated into all the industries, a lifetime value. Just like lawyers, doctors, to solve the problem, but on the other side, is the artist, creating something new and fun. What's wrong with a career like this for life?

Thinking! Your job.

Although software development is engineering, each programmer is not a screw, but an active hematopoietic cell. We have to think about the needs, the design, the vision, the details, we have to think about how to improve our work efficiency, how to grow, and when we have doubts about authority, we have to think critically and not accept it in a daze. Apart from engineering technology, logical thinking ability is the core competitiveness of programmers, keep active, diligent thinking.

Depending on your career development, your project and your daily work, being responsible for yourself and your actions is a cornerstone of a pragmatic philosophy. A pragmatic programmer is responsible for his or her own career and is not afraid to admit ignorance or mistakes. This is certainly not the most enjoyable aspect of programming, but it will certainly happen-even in the best projects. Despite thorough testing, good documentation, and enough automation, things can go wrong. Delivery was late, and there were technical problems that had not been foreseen.

When such things happen, we try to deal with them as professionally as we can. It means honesty and frankness. We can be proud of our ability, but for our shortcomings-and our ignorance and our mistakes-we must be honest.

The life cycle of a program ape

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