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In order to ensure the security of Internet information during the Beijing Olympic Games, the relevant requirements of the higher departments, the new network interconnection will be on July 16, 2008 to the website information security checks, including:

1, review the site content, adjust the site keyword filtering rules, expand the scope of the filter, any site contains not limited to the following content, the new network interconnection will not advance notice, directly close the site:

1) including and disseminating pornographic content;
2) Gambling, Liuhe color and so on;
3 contraband (involving guns, bulk SMS, explosives, LSD, invoices, etc.);
4) Violating the policy of peaceful reunification of the state, anti-government, etc.;
5 other content containing national laws and regulations prohibited.


At the same time in order to meet the arrival of the civilized Olympic Games, all over the server space to make the relevant provisions, such as dating site restrictions, cleaning up the dating site and the site dating column. All over the territory to make friends and site dating sites listed in the focus of cleaning up the scope of comprehensive investigation, to provide one-night stand, prostitution and other information sites and columns with the relevant departments to be resolutely banned and punished, and the relevant personnel responsible for the law.

Clean up the vulgar information in the website page. All over the site to organize a person to completely clean the site of all levels of vulgar content of the page, the key to clear the Internet contains bad information on the column, title, pictures, video, audio, literature, electronic publications, network games and network animation, on the candid Camera, dew point, wardrobe, adult literature and other columns to clear off all. The website that spreads the vulgar information should be warned, the website that does not listen to the warning should give penalty until close.

Title, pictures, video, audio, literature, electronic publications, online games and network animation, on the candid Camera, dew point, wardrobe, adult literature and other columns to clear off.

The arrival of the Olympic Games, the webmaster are also to extract the spirit, the good Internet Information security, to create a civilized Olympic Games, harmonious Olympics.

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