The printer is experiencing a "delete" or "Printing" unresponsive solution

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Normally, when we print files, we often encounter print queue congestion is usually due to the printer's first file does not print the normal output, and caused the subsequent file can not print, but we can not stop, and even will always appear to solve the printer "is deleted" and "printing" does not respond.

  The specific steps to resolve are as follows:

The first method:

Power off the printer, and then remove the print task.

  The second method:

1, click "Start"-"Run", enter services.msc, open the list of services, find the "Print Spooler" service to stop it.

2, then click "Start"-"Run", enter spool, and then open the folder under the "PRINTERS" folder, the inside of the file is deleted (the file is what you are printing).

3, finally click "Start"-"Run", enter services.msc, open the list of services, find the "Print Spooler" service to start it, so OK.

  The third method:

Save the following code as a file in *.bat format, such as Del_print.bat, and then double-click to run

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