The colon and his students (serial 18)--System language

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18. System language

The height of the form of escape and God of labor, under the form of labor and God Yat-"Hong Chongming vegetable root Tan"

Question mark busy ask: "You want to compare which mainstream language?" ”

The colon answers: "Just talk about the 12 most popular languages mentioned in the first class." They can be divided into three categories by grammatical features: C-class static language five--c, C + +, Java, C # and D; non-C static language two--vb and Delphi; Dynamic languages Five--perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript. ”

Exclamation Mark expressed doubt: "How can so many languages compare to come over?" ”

Colon interpretation: "We mainly compare the first Class C language, these are the focus of future learning, others are just generalities." ”

Quote guess: "Because they are more important?" ”

"So to speak. "The colon is straightforward," Needless to speak, in today's mainstream language, C-family language applications, the number of people, the impact of the giant are other languages can not match. The relationship between them can be seen from the name: C language is the predecessor of the B language, followed by C++;java has been called c++++--, meaning that in C + + to add something to reduce some things; # in C # is a four-fold plus; the last D language is simply upgraded with letters. ”

Period Inference: "B language, C language, D language, the next d++, d# or E language." ”

Who knows the colon said: "E language has been, and Java syntax is very similar." Even the F language has, but not the C language, but the FORTRAN. No, Microsoft is still here. NET platform to launch the F # language, but here's F refers to ' functional ', that is, functional. ”

Comma yearning: "As a direct to the ultimate Z language, to become the world's only designated language programmer, more convenient!" ”

"It is no less difficult than the whole of humanity to share a language. The "Colon laughs," the wish is good, we still have to face the reality. No, you have to talk about the characteristics of these C-family languages first. ”

Everyone thought: How old with a problem with the football, old like to return, is not directly shot, really nasty people also!

The question mark picks a soft persimmon: "C language is the C clan eldest brother, is also the only pure process type language, certainly is different." ”

Quotation mark scrupulous: "C + + in the process based on the introduction of object and generics, while maintaining the high efficiency of c and the underlying development capabilities." ”

Comma access: "Java inherits both the advantages of C + +, but also overcome the complexity of C + +, although the underlying development capabilities have been weakened, but with platform-independent nature." ”

Full stop: "C # has the advantages of C + + and Java, but not as efficient as C + +, cross-platform than Java." ”

Exclamation mark regret mouth slow: "Left one of the most unfamiliar D language, in the first class has not really heard, how to squeeze the mainstream language position?" I think... Well, it should be higher than C + +. ”

The colon evaluates: "Everybody talks although simple, also calculate sorta." Let me start a little bit. ”

At this time the people have a common wish, hope the old take this can be a good one, Grong.

The colon seemed to see everybody's mind, and began to be eloquent: "About the C language, mentioned several times before." This is a lasting new sword, once the sheath, still cool and pressing, sharp no couple. With it, it will be like a war with a sword, add a point alone into the enemy camp nerve. Although the modern perspective, it has a lot of shortcomings, but even if the brilliant history of the C language does not talk about it with such a large number of generations under the impact of the still stand, people can not be more demanding. ”

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