The difference between a global variable and a static global variable

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The difference between a global variable and a static global variable

The global variable itself is the static storage mode, static global variables are of course also static storage mode. The two are not different in the way they are stored. The difference between the two is that the scope of the Non-static global variable is the entire source program, and when a source program consists of multiple source files, non-static Global variables are valid in each source file. A static global variable restricts its scope, that is, it is only valid within the source file that defines the variable, and it cannot be used in other source files of the same source program. Because the scope of a static global variable is limited to one source file, it can only be common to functions within that source file, so it is possible to avoid causing errors in other source files.

From the above analysis, we can see that the change of the local variable to the static variable is the change of its storage mode that changes its lifetime. Changing the global variable to a static variable changes its scope and limits its use. So the static this specifier plays a different role in different places. Should be taken into consideration.
1. Static variables, allocated in the static storage area, in the data section. After the function exits, the value of the variable is unchanged.
2. Scope, global static variables, static functions can only be used in this file. (different from general global variables)
Local variables with local static variables and functions

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