The difference between anchor text links and URL links

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To talk about anchor text links and URL links before the difference, first say what is the anchor text link and URL link. Anchor text Links simply say that we are in their own keyword plus hyperlink, click on this keyword, directly into our website, the site link is in someone else's website to leave our site. Click on this URL to enter our site, there is another one is that we leave the site, but can not click to enter our site. This URL link we do not discuss. We talk about the difference between the first URL link and the anchor text.

In the optimization when it comes to the difference between anchor text link and URL link, nothing more than that is the difference between the site chain and keyword rankings. The following is a simple distinction between the two:

The difference between the reverse chain

We do SEO often pay attention to their own site backlinks, generally we are through the Yahoo back chain and Baidu domain to query their own site. If we do a link to the anchor text. Called Yahoo included, this anchor text link can be linked to Yahoo through the chain of inquiry. If this link is called Baidu included, we can not query through Baidu domain. If we do a URL link, called Yahoo included, we can search through the Yahoo back chain, if called Baidu included, we can query through Baidu domain. So: Anchor text links can increase the number of Yahoo backlinks on our site. Can not increase the number of Baidu domain. URL links can increase the number of Yahoo back chain of our website, also can increase the number of Baidu domain

Second, the difference between the ranking of keywords

When it comes to the difference in the ranking of keywords. We can cite the difference of Baidu rankings by numerical example. Suppose we do a link to anchor text: For example, we do is "webmaster net" this keyword. If this outside the chain is called Baidu included. Suppose Baidu gives this link the weight we use Arabic numerals to express. For example is 5, then this outside the chain of webmaster nets this keyword ranking may be allocated is 4, on our site other keyword rankings may be allocated to 1.

The following is the URL link to Baidu ranking effect, some people say URL can only increase the weight of Baidu can not increase Baidu's ranking. In fact, I do not recognize this view, the weight of the site went up, the ranking will naturally improve. We still use the number to explain: if we do the URL of the link called Baidu included, Baidu to the link number is also 5, assuming that our site has done a webmaster network and so on 5 key words. Then the link will be assigned to these keywords on average. Webmaster NET this keyword may get 1.

Through the above description. We simply see the difference between anchor text links and URL links. If the "webmaster net" This keyword needs to reach 200, to Baidu home page. Whether we do URL links or anchor text links. As long as you reach 200. The above is by Jinan Beida Dermatosis Hospital original. Everyone is welcome to take the bricks. Reprint please keep the link.

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