The higher the ERD version, the better.

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The higher the ERD version, the better.


ERD: urgent disk repair, also known as the startup CD of MSDaRT.

MSDaRT: Microsoft diagnostic and recovery tool set that helps diagnose and fix systems with startup failures or other problems.


This is one of the Free Microsoft desktop optimization pack tools.

One of them is called DaRT.

Different versions are divided into two platforms: x86 and x64.

6.5: corresponds to Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2

6.0: corresponding to Vista and Windows 2008

5.0: corresponding to XP and Windows 2003 Windows 2000


Especially starting from Vista, the method of overwriting and installing the repair system in XP has been canceled. When the system cannot be started, EDR must be used for repair.


Originally, I wanted to see SCOM 2012 this weekend, but I encountered an unprecedented challenge:

1. VMLite cannot be started: simply uninstall and install VirtualBox;

2. The file extensions used by VMLite and VirtualBox are inconsistent. Fortunately, they can be used after modification;

3. After you switch to VirtualBox, you must reactivate it. Activate Windows 2008 R2 with CW. After Windows 2008 is run, the system cannot start;

4. the problem begins. First try again using the XP method. However, starting from Vista, the method of overwriting and installing the repair system in XP has been canceled;

5. Check the error code carefully. It's hard to see 0x7B;

6. There is no useful method for fixing 0x7B on the Internet;

7. Find MSDaRT and create an ERD;

8. Windows Debug toolsis required. However, if you do not need to download it directly, you have installed an installation tool winsdk_web.exe. Is this a good method? Well, this is for the sake of users, always install the latest. It's not good. If you need to download another host, it's not for users, but for telecom operators.

9. It's hard to install and make ERD. MSDaRT 6.5 is used, and the system still cannot be started after the repair process is completed;

10. The previous idea was that the higher the version, the better. Therefore, a later version is selected. So, let's make another 6.0. Well, we can finally go in.

11. Then, uninstall CW. Okay, you cannot go in again. No blue screen appears this time, but the scroll bar keeps rolling but does not read the disk.

12. Fortunately, we used VirtualBox to back up the original disk in the format of VMWare vmdk. Therefore, the VMWare Virtual Machine was also repaired according to the previous method, but the 0x7B blue screen still appeared;

13. However, this blue screen is not the blue screen because of disk controller problems. In the past, the Controller on VirtualBox was IDE, while that on VMWare was SCSI. However, there is no place to change the vmx file on the interface. Set

Scsi0: 0. present = "TRUE"

Scsi0: 0. fileName = "XXX. vmdk"

Ide0: 0. present = "FALSE"


Scsi0: 0. present = "FALSE"

Ide0: 0. fileName = "XXX. vmdk"

Ide0: 0. present = "TRUE"

14. VMWare is good. However, it takes too much effort to start with a CD.

15. The F2 function key is required for BIOS settings. However, if you press F2, DELL enters the wireless switch. To use F2, you must press and hold the Fn key at the same time. The virtual machine does not recognize the two keys.

16. Fortunately, there is another Esc key, which selects the startup sequence. However, this key cannot be pressed multiple times. If it is pressed multiple times, it is canceled. I really don't know what these boys thought during design;

17. restart the system, uninstall the original VMLite and VirtualBox drivers, and install the VMWare driver.

18. No system is perfect.


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