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Often heard netizens complained that their laptop start too slow, but most of the situation is your own manufacturing, do not blame others, please see if you have made the following error, immediately corrected!

1 external USB devices in the way

If your laptop is connected to USB mobile storage at startup, try disconnecting them first to see if the boot speed is changing. Generally speaking, because the USB interface speed is slow, so the corresponding device will have a more obvious impact on the computer startup speed, should try to connect the USB device after starting. If you do not have a USB device, it is recommended that the USB feature be turned off directly in the BIOS settings. In addition, because Windows is started to detect individual drives, including the optical drive, if the CD is placed in the CD drive, the computer's startup time is prolonged.

2 Network setup is a stealth killer.

If you often need to put the notebook into the LAN, install the NIC driver, by default, the system will automatically obtain the IP address by DHCP, but most companies do not have a DHCP server LAN, so if the user is set to "Automatically obtain IP address", The system will continue to search the DHCP server on the network until it gets the IP address or timeout, which increases the startup time naturally, so it is best for the local area network user to specify a fixed IP address for their computer. In addition, to eliminate or reduce the number of network connections that Windows must re-establish, it is recommended that you disconnect some network drives that you do not need to use: Go to My Computer, right-click a network drive that has been mapped, and choose Disconnect.

3 hard disk partitions too much is wrong

If your laptop uses Windows 2000 and has not been upgraded to SP3 or SP4, and more than 4 partitions are defined, it also slows startup. Therefore, it is recommended to upgrade the Windows2000 system to the latest SP4 or install Windows XP system, and it is best not to have too many areas for hard drives. Because Windows must mount each partition when it starts, the total amount of time to complete this operation increases as the number of partitions increases.

4 desktop icons too many to get into trouble

Too many icons on the desktop can also slow down the system's boot speed. Each time Windows starts and displays the desktop, it needs to look up the icons of the desktop shortcuts and load them individually, and the more icons, the more time it takes. It is recommended that you put your desktop icons in a special folder or simply delete them.

5 The superfluous of antivirus software

Some anti-virus software provides the system launches the scanning function, this will consume very many time, actually if you have already turned on the anti-virus software the real-time monitoring function, then starts the scanning system to appear some superfluous, or will this function forbid.

6 Too many fonts.

While Microsoft claims that Windows can install 1000 ~1500 fonts, we actually find problems when installing more than 500 fonts, such as fonts disappearing from the application's font list and Windows ' startup speed dropping dramatically. It is advisable to remove any fonts that are not used or not used in this recommendation, so that you can make the necessary backups first to avoid accidental deletion.

7 Microsoft's own "infighting"

Remember that one of the Windows XP patches caused the system to slow down on the news bar (for example: Q328310 patch will cause Windows 2000/XP startup and shutdown speed is very slow, and even may lead to the registry lock), it can be seen that Microsoft's own internal problems are not small, If you are upgrading a system patch, suddenly found that the system started slow, then it is best to pay attention to the trouble is not the patch.

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