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Today we'll talk about Dom's role in Ajax technology. When you use Ajax to send a request to the server and return data to the client. How did you display the returned data to the Web page? There is no doubt that you are using DOM, using the various instructions of the DOM. To add the content you want to display to the HTML. For example: getElementById or getElementsByTagName lookup elements

innerHTML display content or appendchild add element? Of course, creating a nonexistent element is also possible createelement can be easily implemented. If you want to create a cool enough Ajax effect. You should not be unfamiliar with these instructions. Otherwise you should study the knowledge of the DOM well! Even the tables in your Web page can be managed using the DOM. The DOM provides a set of instructions specifically for table elements. InsertRow adds a row for the table, Insertcell adds a column to the table, and so on .... Including your Drop-down list, you can use the options object to operate. DOM is omnipotent in HTML pages, at least I think so. Without the DOM's dead-dead tie. Ajax is not so flashy. With so much emphasis on the user experience era, mastering DOM should be a necessary skill for every front-end developer. Go to the Ajax section of this site and look at my "Ajax Original Series Tutorials" You'll see why I make DOM so important. And almost all DOM directives are found in the Web Circle's Dom manual. I wish you a happy study! Dom is still improving. We'll wait and see!

Author: Kang Dong from: Www.Web666.Net
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