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git introduction

1. Centralized

2. Distributed

SSH key generation

There is an HTTPS or SSH protocol


[Email Protected]:ericbluce/hcxy112.git

Official website

Opened in August 2008, the Open source Chinese community aims to provide Chinese it technicians with a comprehensive, fast-updating platform for retrieving open source software and exchanging experience with open source.
At present, there are many companies in the country to deploy the company's projects in Oschina

A comparison with GitHUB

 1. 服务器在国内,速度更快  2. 免费账户同样可以建立 私有 项目,而 GitHUB 上要建立私有项目必须 付费 使用

Registered Account

We recommend using NetEase's email address, and you may not receive a verification email with other free mailboxes.

Add SSH Public key

Open source China Help document address: #ssh-keys

1. Enter the terminal and enter the following command

`.` 表示改文件夹是隐藏文件夹cd ~/.ssh查看当前目录文件$ ls

2. Generating an RSA key pair

1> "" 中输入个人邮箱2> 提示输入私钥文件名称,直接回车3> 提示输入密码,可以随便输入,只要本次能够记住即可ssh-keygen -t rsa -C "[email protected]"

3. View Public Key content

cat id_rsa.pub将公钥内容复制并粘贴至

4. Test the public key

SSH 连接$ ssh -T git@git.oschina.net终端提示 `WelcomeGit@OSC, ericbluce!` 说明连接成功
Common git commands

(0) Open native hidden folder command AppleShowAllFiles -bool true本地有没有 “.git” 来判断是否是git管理的项目

(1) Setting up a global git account

"” instant125"" [email protected]163//查看当前电脑里的配置信息

(2) View the status of the current Git project

notfor commit:  "git add <file>..."to update what will be committed)  "git checkout -- <file>..."toindirectory)//已修改文件 未提交    modified:   files:  "git add <file>..."toincludein what will be committed)    APPGit.xcodeproj/xcuserdata///添加新的文件 没有授予git管理

(3) Initializing the local repository

git init .

(4) Grant git administration The local file in the current directory

add .

(5) Submit new or modified files in the current directory to the local repository

commit . -m "初始化项目"

(6) Return to the specified version


(7) Remove a specified directory from the GIT admin project

-rf (指定的文件夹)

Git initialization project

Cloning a project

git clone

Command line execution

(1) Register an account on the and create a git project

(2) manually add

“.gitignoreadd . 之前 添加到目录底下 (

(3) Cloning a remote repository to a local

git clone

(4) Add Project to manage

clone 文件夹底下 注意事项 :如果打开xcode 出现 “?”标示的文件 需要在目录执行git add .

(5) Initializing the local project to the server

commit . -m “初始化”git push

(6) Skilled operation of the deletion of files new changes

提交 到本地仓库    commit -m “提交修改”把本地仓库 的修改 同步到远程仓库(master)    git push
Git branch Merge

Branch modification

git branch 查看项目当前有多少个分支

Branching merge process

commit . -m “提交修改”(3)切换 到 到目标分支 git checkout master(4) 合并 分支修改代码 git merge xiaolidev(5)同步远程仓库(master) git push (git push origin master 提交到指定的分支)


Branch Master

Branch Develop

Branch Xiaolidev

master 上线环境 是 工程上线 的 一个代码管理分支 ===> 运营人员 发布者 测试develop 生产环境 所有开发者 上传代码的分支 ===> 项目经理 产品经理 测试xiaolidev 个人开发者 ===> 开发者 xiaozhaodev 个人开发者 ===> 开发者

Development process Xiaodev ==> develop ==> Master

Before you start writing code

".git"隐藏文件的所在目录 进行"git pull"

Before work

".git"隐藏文件的所在目录 进行git commit . -m"提交修改"push

Git init.

Initialize an empty project into a local repository
Note: No remote warehouse address information and user information
How to do?

Input command: CD project folder input command: Git remote add origin
Https:// input command: Git pull-u
Origin master//Pull Project input command from [email protected]: Git push-u origin master//Submit Project

Force push local code or file to server git push-f-u Origin Master

git clone

Clone a remote repository to a local
note points with remote warehouse address information and user information

Add the Gitignore file
    • New Project
    • Cloning a project
**切换至项目目录** cd 项目目录 **克隆项目,地址可以在项目首页复制**git clone [email protected]
    • Add Gitignore
 ~/dev/github/gitignore/ 是保存 gitignore 的目录cp ~/dev/github/gitignore/Swift.gitignore .gitignore
    • Tips:
从 文件之后,每次提交时不会将个人的项目设置信息(例如:末次打开的文件,调试断点等)提交到服务器,在团队开发中非常重要
Branching issues

1 Viewing remote branches


2. View local Branch

git branch

3 Creating a local branch

git branch 分支名

4. Push the branch to the remote branch

push origin test2

5 Deleting a local branch

-d xxxxx

6 Deleting a remote branch

:branch-name:test1master:tmpgit diff tmpgit merge tmp

The use of iOS development tips--git

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