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Quoting the words of Heide phenomena, interactive design is this: "To human needs-oriented, understanding the user's expectations, needs, understanding of business, technology and industry opportunities and constraints, create forms, content, behavior useful, easy-to-use, customer satisfaction and technical feasibility, commercial interests of products." ”

Interactive design of the service object is the product, is for the product icing on the cake. and "product" this piece "brocade" is discovers the user demand or creates the user demand, and provides the user to satisfy the demand the way or the tool.

Product designers like the creator, for the earth is not too lonely, for the sake of the Earth more perfect, thus creating a "man" this ultimate product. Of course, the Almighty creator considered very thoughtful, what depends on the sea, the inland, what polar, temperate, tropical, what mountain, Plain, basin, under different circumstances, the painstaking, so there are various, the characteristics of the race. The main work of the creator has thus been accomplished.

In the process, the creator is the Super Product manager. By the parties to verify that the Super Product manager is said to be "Nu wa." She not only meets a variety of needs, but even creates demand.

Nu WA considered the existing needs, but also created a part of the demand, and then the dialectic critical treatment of these needs, absorbing the essence, throw away the dross, is said to use the mud This super coarse tool (another said to use the stone?)), the batch produced a bouncing, different demeanor of the "human" prototype, Even in the spare time also created a "woman" this product.

As a "person", I can not help but think, the original nu wa adults in the "people" design when the thought of what?

Does she have any idea what her designs are for? Why design "People"? What is "man"? (demand, planning)

Did she ever think that when the product was designed, it needed to be redesigned? (Continuous iterative improvement, prototyping, testing)

Did she think about how her design would go on? How did it develop? Operation

Does she have any idea what the impact of her own design will be? Influence

Did she ever think of the need to design "aliens" Besides designing "Earthlings"? (This, is the micro-letter outside QQ?)

I think that Comrade Nu Wa certainly did not think all. Otherwise, how can there be good and evil, height, beauty and ugliness? Is it for the sake of differentiation? But why should I be "poor"?

At this time, to help product managers to achieve products, sculpture products, interactive designers, temporarily called Mr. IXd Bar, will be on the stage.

In order to give Mr. IXd a space for imagination and creativity, the poor "Me" is coming out as a shoddy product. The purpose, very simple, is to "I" this "person" to make a difference, stand out from the crowd, distinguished, people to see the boast, flowers see flowers Open, became.

In order not to pit Dad, first to Mr. IXd introduce the current "I" this product bar. Well, homogeneous competition is a hot mess, after all, billions of people are there, it's not easy to live. Differentiated competition is also quite difficult to go, these billions of people in all kinds of characteristics, either Gaofu, short dwarfish poor, or literature, ordinary, 2B, and play cock silk. And the fact is, at this stage I am simply a let Mr. IXd Cry no tears, well, can only be a wry smile of the product. No money, no car, no room, people are not handsome, stature is not high, want to what talent, get No. The only consolation is that everything is a little bit, and of course it's a bit of a pass, not a master.

This product is not a hard thing to do, Mr. IXd.

Just, before designing the specific product of "I", we have to see how the "I" Auction is done. Of course, the truth, the competition is also to do the mixed goods, here just pick a few examples to say.

Not bad, as follows:

Not tall, there is the increase in shoes, external shoes, and of course, 15cm high heels; Of course, too short to have no hope, many are at the circus service, there is a good choice.

Not beautiful, on the foreign sent South Korea, India walk a lap, 80% there is hope.

Not a gentleman, "slim gentleman", "Gossip gril" more study, more imitation, can also be gentlemanly.

Not humorous, "Life Big Bang", "friends" to see more, more music, it will make people laugh often open.

Do not understand the team cooperation, "brother Lian" read a few times, also know.

Lack of imagination, God Horse "Inception", "mechanics", than to watch three days, Ah, will also have effect.

Do not know the details, God Horse "Sherlock Holmes", "Criminal Psychology", "CSI" more to see is also a good choice.

No thought, God horse "Black Mirror", "out of control" more to see, not bad.

Will not sell Meng, ah, this must be positive to the pure silver Uncle study well. But to have a conscience, patent trouble horse's have to turn in the positive ~

And, of course, it's a lot more disgusting:

What designs the official second generation, the rich second generation, the dry Lulu and so on, as well as other brain residual behavior, still does not learn is wonderful.

Words stadia biography, face me This originally is "prototype", but accidentally already on the line of unconventional one product, what can Mr. IXd of bitter force do?

Where should we start with such a product? Fortunately, Mr. IXd both Chinese, erudite, can clearly see the status quo, there is a strong vision to create a perfect product.

Of course, first of all, start with "history as a mirror."

"Interactive Design" is the case:

When the Super Product manager Kaizonglipai, there is no interactive designer this argument, because the Super product manager is an all-round player, from the product project, product planning and implementation, to product development and operation of the whole, of course, the final product is also relatively rough, many places are coarse, not very good. So there's this interactive designer who helps product managers realize their ideas and carve out products.

There is a saying that said "Strees, the line of the champion", is to meet the different needs to the extreme and the ultimate interaction designer things.

Examples are as follows:

Clothing: Originally a fig leaf, later was given the "warm cold" function, and later was endowed with "beautiful" function, and then was given the "personality taste" function;

Food: Originally is to "Eat", later was endowed with "color fragrance and taste" function, and then was given the "personality" function;

Live: Originally is to "Shelter the wind and Rain", later was endowed with "status Representative" function, and then was given the "Life fun" function;

Line: Originally is to "labor-saving", later was endowed with "go faster", and then even was given the "Go higher" function;

In short, the interaction designer is to satisfy or create a kind of demand, and to the extreme, and to give the product "Charm attribute", to be proud of it, proud of it.

Second, it is to seek truth from facts, concrete analysis of specific problems. To solve the problem, put forward the solution, put the bad, no, change to be usable, easy to use, Easy-to-use ~

specifically to "I" this product, to overturn the design is not likely, such as blood type, such as constellations, such as DNA, this is not to change, can only adapt.

Fortunately, there are a lot of places where Mr. IXd can be rebuilt, and it can be rebuilt in a lifetime. And the principle is "chance, Wuzegamin".

For example, the length is too short too thin, this originally is inferior, in this society is simply "crisis" happened, but after Mr. IXd polished, completely can be inferior to advantage, in danger to find opportunities, so, "I" can run quickly, can walk very stable, can do "to impress people", Even when the 2012 arrives, the same food can live a little longer;

For example, slow heat, in this impetuous society is simply slow several beat, but after Mr. IXd polished, so, "I" can quietly look at themselves, can observe this social industry, can be "status quo";

For example, bad words, but after Mr. IXd polished, so, "I" can learn to smile, learn to listen, learn to meditate, learn to observe life, learn to do first after saying;

For example, pass but not fine, but after Mr. IXd polished, so, "I" can learn the overall view, learn to coordinate, learn to analogy, learn to study;

Third, it is to highlight the focus, so that the product has "personal charm."

"Personal charm" is to be combined into a specific scene to use in order to be effective. A star, in the hearts of fans of course charm, but at the Oscars ceremony, most of them will lose their charm. This scene is converted to a moment of attention.

"Personal charm" is more of the history of the wash still can leave traces of things, such as "Smooth things fine silence" generally nourish. Like "Wang Shou Ren", it has influenced generations.

Of course, "personal charm" can also be said to "the right and the right" product, although can not say "can meet but not", but also not casually can come, need to accumulate.

The last thing to do is to be careful.

You know, the birth of the product is Hard-won, do not know how many people poured into the painstaking effort, and interactive designers is to determine the success of a product is an important link. Just as "life is not trivial" general, any decision must be careful and careful, must be repeated to verify the line.

Fortunately, Mr. IXd is quite dedicated, has done the "surgery industry has specialized."

As an end, attach the job requirements for the interactive designer in the two recruitment messages:


1, participate in product planning ideas and creative process

2, analyze the business needs, and decompose and summarize the requirements of the interactive interface of products

3, the design software man-machine interaction interface structure, the user operation flow and so on

4, participate in the company's forward-looking products creative design


1, responsible for client-side products and web site interaction design;

2, combine usability test result, complete interface interaction behavior and function improvement, improve product ease of use

3, according to the needs and user research results, complete the interface of information architecture, process design and prototype design

4, the preparation of interface interactive Design manual

5, the availability of existing products testing and evaluation, proposed improvement Program, continuous optimization of product user experience

6, responsible for maintaining and updating the interface design standards and norms, responsible for the implementation of standards and norms

7, participate in the interface design process improvement and optimization work

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