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This is a very simple tutorial, the tutorial tells us to use the filter to simply make a dazzling background, and then use the layer style to make transparent font, and then use the brush to render the beauty of the font.



1, create a new 1250x750 pixel document, fill the black background, copy and copy a layer.

2, press D to restore the foreground color and background color black and white, and then click ' Filter-render-fiber '. The variance is 20, and the strength is 5.

Then go on to the ' filter-blur-motion blur '. Change angle 90, distance 1000.

Change this layer blending mode to: linear depth. At this time the effect is all black, temporarily do not care about it.

3, the white text ' 52PSXT ', I use the font is Lobster 1.4 English fonts, the material is available to download.

Set the font layer fill transparency to: 0%, and press Ctrl+j to copy the font layer.

4, the mouse double click the copied text layer-into the layer style, the settings are as follows.

Bevel and Emboss:




Contour: Pull yourself out of a contour similar to the following

Inner Glow

After using the above style, finished the second layer of glass word effect

6, select the Brush tool, select a large soft corner brush, set the size of 450 pixels, and then create a new layer, move to the black background layer above.

Next, choose a different color in the text to paint color, color selection of a brighter color effect will be better.

The following figure I marked my use of four colors, we can adjust the brush size in the painting, after painting to think which place is not good, you can also use the soft angle brush, reduce the opacity, wipe try.

7, complete the final effect of the picture.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple Photoshop tutorial section, triple PS group: 75789345 welcome you to join

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