The Gospel of the designer: 20 websites of design materials in China

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Classic material, is the creative sword of the designer. Here I have a few big material portal to organize, the actual situation made a simple list and comparison. Welcome to the vast number of designers to explode materials.


Website Name: Station Cool (Zcool)

Website URL:

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Site Description: Born in August 2006, the station Cool (, "for designers and enthusiasts to provide the most convenient, the most intimate service" for the purpose, is a "designer" as the center, service in the creative industry, service to creative talent, "the designer interactive platform." Share the latest and most practical material resources, recommend members of the designer's excellent design works, to provide design discussion techniques to communicate the learning atmosphere. Since the establishment of the station, the content continues to enrich, the product continues to increase. Now, standing cool (Zcool) has become one of the designer's favorite design sites.

Website Brief comment: The professional perfect material downloads and the design share the website, provides the vector material, the PSD layered material, the icon material, the high definition picture, the original work and so on content. Cutting-edge fashion design style, Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States design materials everything. Cool Web site simple and beautiful, visual impact strong, orderly advertising arrangement, the designer to recommend.


Website Name: Material China

Website URL:

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Website Description: Professional material download website.

Website Brief comment: Provide various kinds of design material collection download, include: picture, material, wallpaper, webpage material, animation material, vector graph, psd layered material, 3D, font, teaching material, icon, etc. Material China collects a lot of commercial advertising source files (PSD/CDR/AI), some resources need to charge a certain amount of money (points). Insufficient is, the file downloads the page advertisement too many, causes the layout to be messy, the user experience is poor (material China is the personal site, stationmaster may pay attention to the Alliance advertisement, feels like is a Baidu, the Google advertisement website). In addition, only to support the Thunderbolt, express download, consider not very comprehensive, probably also because joined the Thunder Alliance and Express Alliance, or how it would be such a strong recommendation of the use of "thunder", "Express" download it. In addition, the professional search function placed in the humble position, the navigation is replaced by the Google Alliance ads, it seems that stationmaster has the tendency of money worship OH.


Site Name: webmaster Material

Website URL:

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Site Description: China Webmaster station's material download site.

Website Brief comment: Provides various kinds of design material collection downloading, including: Picture downloading, webpage template, icon downloading, cool station appreciation, QQ expression, vector material, psd layered material, sound download, desktop wallpaper, webpage material, etc. Resource-rich, updated timely, thematic material download is also its characteristics. As a Chinese webmaster station's material website, its popularity nature is beyond doubt. The website advertisement is not too many, arranges neatly well-trained, the user experience degree is better. In addition, if you can have a little more fashion design elements material, it is more perfect.


Website Name: Network Map

Website URL:

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Website introduction: To "share the creation value" as the slogan, the professional material design sharing platform.

Website Brief comment: provides each kind of material, including: gallery, picture, photography, design, vector, PSD, AI, CDR, EPS, picture downloading, share gallery, etc. The Web page is concise and classic, is the preferred site for most designers to download material. Because it is a resource sharing and trading platform, where the material needs to share or the coin, the classic design materials also need to recharge the purchase. I was thinking that the webmaster of the network is grasping the psychology of the design workers, sharing and trading, they can also "Yuwengdeli". I was thinking that if the country were to crack down on design work and material copyright, it would probably be the first to fall, because the material here is not the other material site, and some of the details behind the scenes you may not imagine: these "materials", are advertising printing companies (or individuals) to the enterprise's design source files secretly uploaded, Just to get the points. One day, "material" copyright company found its own work was stolen, I do not know how to deal with the network map?


Website name: China material net

Website URL:

Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Site Introduction: China Material Network ( was founded in September 2005, is a specialized to the vast number of designers, web site creators, to provide picture materials, Gao Jingtu, vector material, desktop background, mobile wallpaper, pixel pictures, logo original PSD design, PNG icon, Web page template, Flash background, QQ expression, font download, sound effects, web effects, technical tutorials, paper documents, model learning, video tutorials and other related services of the comprehensive website.

Site Brief comment: Provide high precision map, vector map, desktop background, LOGO, PNG map, Web Template, qq expression, font download, sound effects, web effects, papers, fan and so on. The category is full, but lack of resources search function, most of the layout text, easy to affect visual fatigue, weak visual impact, and ads flooded the entire site, user experience to be improved. PS: May be due to the domain name is good to remember, but the overall quality of the site is inferior to other similar industries.

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