The graphics and text steps of WPS automatically generating table of contents

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A lot of users in the preparation of papers, the most headache in addition to the writing of papers, there is the writing of the paper catalogue. Sometimes the content of the paper is wonderful, but also may be because the paper catalogue is not well prepared by the paper tutor returned to the teacher. So, how to generate a list of papers? Today small make up for everyone to share the automatic production of the table WPS steps, the whole step is still a certain degree of difficulty, please carefully follow the steps below the operation Oh!

Open WPS text and create a new document.

The process of automatically generating a table of contents for WPS

Create a new level of title inside the document.

The title reads as follows:

First, Introduction

After entering the first level of the title, select the text, click "Heading 1" in the style, and it will become the following style.

After the introduction of the content, here is a first-level title, if there are a lot of content, you need a two-level title, add the same way.

For example, I have three points in my introduction. The difference is:

Research direction

Research Focus

Attention matters

When the input is complete, select three points and click "Heading 2" in the style

When the operation is finished, it becomes the third image.

Edit the content of level two headings after the fourth figure.

Follow the steps and methods above to continue to refine our documentation.

In the example, I set up five first class categories, namely:

First, Introduction

Second, the experimental steps

Third, the number of experiments

Iv. Results of the experiment

V. Conclusion

Make sure that the five-level headings are in the form of a "Heading 1" brush, rather than manually changing the font size to uniform style, otherwise automatic catalogs cannot be generated.

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