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I. Understanding of grunge

GRUNGE, from the literal meaning of English words as: bad things, boring things, ugly things. But in the design industry, obviously it has a more special meaning.

The design of the grunge is an effect, like music in the grunge rock is translated as Garbage rock, it shows a "irregular" "decadent" "Sloppy" "garbage" and other special visual effects, and this will create an alternative aesthetic. Similar expressions also appear in the apparel design industry, think we are familiar with the old sense of jeans and other beggars clothing, it is not difficult to appreciate the grunge style.

At present, when the flat design is in the way, the grunge style as the Quasi object effect seems to be somewhat inverse, but as a special kind of effect, it is worth considering and applying in the design. Especially when the design theme for creativity, imagination or want to express some kind of uninhibited, no doubt, it can create a very representative visual effects.

Below we first to understand the various kinds of grunge effect application.

  Second, the grunge effect of the Web page

The grunge effect is not just a garbage, sloppy, grunge design may have only used a little grunge style of decoration, or in the main content to show such a style. Here is the style of web design.

  Three, grunge style of font

When the text itself as a part of the design element, its decorative role is extremely strong. With the same style of background, rendering the grunge is a masterpiece!

  Four, the grunge style icon

Stretch, twist ... The grunge icon can withstand these, and it has nothing to do with perfect pixels.

This is a set of black and white grunge icon in the background of Blackboard, commonly known as Blackboard effect, use more in the design of the theme such as Nostalgia class.

A group of color grunge style icons, color collocation is very coordinated, and the use of paper feeling graphics as a background, more quasi object image.

  Five, grunge texture

Collect a lot of grunge style seamless texture from Torlay Flickr album Collection! (Don't go to Flickr's children's shoes try to turn the wall into ~)

  Six, Grunge brush

Websites like Brushking have a large number of grunge style brushes available for free download by users


Now I believe you have a little experience of the design effect of grunge, whether it is the effect you like, or whether it is in the hot trend, the design will not change the ultimate aesthetic intention. Therefore, the purpose of learning grunge is to learn from this kind of effect, realize the various designs in this kind of style, know how to use, and make a breakthrough on this basis.

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