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In the forum often have netizens asked, can in an HTML file read another HTML file content? The answer is OK, and the method more than one, in the past I will only use the IFRAME to cite, and later found a number of other methods, that today's summary of these several ways to let you refer to, I think the third way better!

1.IFrame Introduction, look at the following code

<iframe name= "Content_frame" width=100% height=30 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 src= "import.htm" ></IFRAME >

You will see an externally introduced file, but you will find that there is something similar to the bounding box that surrounds it and can be used:

<iframe name= "Content_frame" marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 width=100% height=30 src= "import.htm" frameborder=0> </iframe>

But you will find that there is a problem, that is, the background color is different, you can only use the same background color in the introduction of the file import.htm, but if you are using IE5.5, you can look at this article about transparent color If the file you want to introduce is too long to appear without a scroll bar, add scroll=no to the body in import.htm

2.<object> Way

<object style= "border:0px" type= "Text/x-scriptlet" Data= "import.htm" width=100% height=30></object>

The way of 3.Behavior download

<span id=showimport></span>
<ie:download id= "Odownload" style= "Behavior:url (#default #download)"/>
function Ondownloaddone (downdate) {
Odownload.startdownload (' import.htm ', Ondownloaddone)

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