The influence of improving design initiative technology on Logo design

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From the chaos and complexity of the logo design imagery, the clarity of technology on the logo design of the impact and the context, so that designers to increase the system of expression to understand, so as to improve the design initiative.

I. Background of the study

(i) The advent of the information society

As the DNA of information, "bit" is rapidly replacing atoms and becoming the basic element of human society. The visual communication design of the 21st century will break through the limits of "atom" and enter into the field of "bit". will be developed from a single medium to a diverse and integrated medium, which includes paper-based media and other environmental media based on "Atom", and a digital medium based on "bit".

Digital technology does not hesitate to introduce people into the internet age, and people are really completely surrounded by the torrent of information. The advent of the Internet makes interpersonal communication and communication transcend time and space, and it not only has the advantages of rapid dissemination of mass media, but also combines the personal and interactive nature.

(ii) Design of non-material societies

Design has also withstood the onslaught and challenges of this dramatic change, and has produced unprecedented and significant changes. Entered the digital art era, which is based on the computer, the network and the virtual space as the main elements. The information society has changed the designer's working way, liberated the fetter to the design form. Digital design will become the main performance means of future designers.

With the development of production technology, printing methods and the emergence of new media, logo design is free from the limitations of many old technical means. The software is convenient and rapid to increase the number of applications, plane and space performance results are more vivid and strong. The comprehensiveness and time of the multimedia make the sign obtain the rich and exquisite emotion and life of unprecedented. The modern sign, whether form or color, begins to break away from the traditional way of expression and is forming a series of brand-new modelling language.

The influence of technological progress on logo design

Since the introduction of computer technology in the design field, art creative means and methods have become more and more abundant, in the field of logo design. Logo design has always been considered "simple is the best", now, with the computer technology and design software features constantly updated to improve the Logo design field emerges a large number of new creative methods, logo design and therefore glow a new vitality. The modern design application software has provided the unprecedented technical space for the designer's creation, the designer has actually entered "is not afraid to do not, is afraid unexpectedly" the realm.

The development of computer and digital art, especially the appearance of various art design software, makes the design convenient for many, but at the same time, the designer needs to consider more problems. In the information Age, logo design is required to include, carrying certain amount of information, expressing certain meaning, embodying certain style and characteristic, at the same time, the logo designer also should take active advantage of various new means and new way, combine the information of the digital media to spread fast, convenient, accurate, interaction and with market close, real-time communication characteristic, Continuous improvement and innovation.

(i) Software production technology produces many information times of the logo modeling language

1. Random-shaped, series-shaped markers

The software making technology makes the sign realize the evolution from the simple organic shape, the geometrical shape to the complex random shape. As the complexity increases, a logo can have a series of similar shapes, with different shapes and colors, and the features are still obvious and the recognition is still strong.

The most prominent example is the 2000 Hannover World Expo logo, the Hannover Expo is focused on the relationship between mankind, nature and technology, at the threshold of the 2l century, to the world to put forward a social harmony issues. It is one can change the structure and color according to different circumstances of the random shape, in the overall structure of the situation at all times show a different state of motion, but the main body is still the same, and the characteristics are very obvious, in any place application, can recognize this is the Hannover Expo logo. The appearance of organic biological structure is an important symbol of the change of technology application means in the field of logo design, and its very dynamic modelling produces a strong contrast with the traditional static printing form. Expo is a world event, the logo design new thinking has also brought great impact on the world design.

2. High-Tech design

(1) The wide application of three-dimensional modelling

A Simple line block combination class

B Spatial stereo Graphic Class

C A more dynamic and extended stereo graphics class

(2) The application of material and luster

Logo design here has been redefined, beautiful luster, accompanied by the crystal clear texture, as if on the horizon, readily available. This is the application of materials and the effect of light projection principle, for more transparent color, more shadow, more reflective organization, in the three-dimensional level of further imaging, further embodies the texture of retinal cells, "lethality."

3. Computer Symbol logo

The symbolic language derived from electronic technology, the creation and dissemination of such tokens are based on the Internet, can be said to be free of gender, statelessness, no cultural differences, is the world language of the virtual world.

4. New Color Logo

In the Web page and other new media, the color range has greatly expanded, many signs appear the traditional carrier can not show the bright color, transparent color, gradually changing color. From the high purity of forced memory, strong contrast to relaxed light tone, colors contrast change, colorful, clear and transparent, jumping changes in the color appearance of unprecedented visual experience.

5. Pixel Flags

Many years ago, the computer screen was almost the pixel of the world, the pixel of computer graphics just as the atom in the world of everything. It is a typical computer derivative product that is composed entirely or partially by pixel points. The characteristic of pixel symbol embodies its special micro-sense and fuzziness, which reflects the flow and changing state of bit and gives a strong sense of modern technology.

(ii) Development of printing technology

With the Seihan and digital technology in the field of output production and popularization of the application of the logo, the image of the dissemination of visual impact, personality embodiment, etc. have greater space and tension.

Iii. The influence of media revolution on Logo design

The advent of digital media, so many logo design has already broken the traditional rules, in the static two-dimensional plane joined the "time" and "expression", from the previous form of the plane, static began gradually to dynamic, integrated direction of change, so that its own strong extension advantages, In the future promotion will also play a multiplier effect.

(i) Multimedia logo

Multimedia combines traditional and separated forms of information transmission, such as language, text, sound, image and image, to process, transmit and display various kinds of information. In this way, the visual communication design performance means and scope has been greatly expanded, the future visual communication design is comprehensive, covering all human senses of the overall design.

2008 Beijing Olympic Games mascot "Fuwa" the release process is an example, the past mascot display is at a glance, a revealing on the physical or exhibition board display mode. This show is different from the past, with the help of High-tech technology levels, time display. First of all, the use of laser technology will outline the outer contour, and then the main image from virtual to real gradually appear, while the use of multimedia audio, images, images and other fusion. The whole process is full of suspense, step-by-step mobilization of people's curiosity and thirst for knowledge, will be "Fuwa" vivid image of the human brain, it can be said that the whole process is carefully designed a solemn, novel display form.

(b) changing body signs

As a new communication medium, the network adds the time and interactivity of the symbol, and makes the sign in two-dimensional (plane) and three-dimensional (space), and increases the dimension of time, and goes to four dimensions. The symbol becomes a social and the visitor is closely related, has the expression, can make the sensitive reaction, unceasingly grows, unceasingly enriches the cultural life body.

Google's logo changes are so characteristic that it becomes a fashion for netizens to focus on. Its change is based on Google as the basic form and change, with the festival, events, seasons and change body, is changing, Baiwujinji, informal borders, at your fingertips. This also embodies the spread of network media advantages, so frequently change the image of the extension of the logo is unimaginable in traditional media.

(c) Pet logo

Many software and Web sites (such as word, rising, etc.) have appeared in electronic pet-style logo. This logo has real-time, interactive, companionship, can do a variety of humorous and lovely action, modeling three-dimensional, dynamic, like a pet full company. and OICQ, mop and other software and website, its logo expands into rich expression modelling symbol, may provide the netizen in chats, the irrigation use, becomes the netizen instantly expresses the emotion the language and the tool. Therefore, these signs can not be called by the "mascot", but only "pet", with the traditional mascots do not have the sense of intimacy, participation.

Digital Design has become the mainstream of modern logo design

Through the above analysis, perhaps we can find that this different from the previous design concept has unparalleled visual communication advantages, enrich the logo visual performance means. But at the same time, we must continue to retain the original logo design style should have the most basic elements, such as distinctive distinctive recognition, spiritual connotation of the symbolic, in line with aesthetic modelling and the implementation of the ductility, especially the last point.

Digital design is the development trend of visual communication design nowadays. We can no longer understand the design as a narrow concept, visual design has gradually gone beyond its original category, towards an increasingly broad field. Modern logo design is also under the influence of technological progress and media revolution, showing the trend of digital design.

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