The internet, helping to push the transformation and development of Heilongjiang agriculture

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Heilongjiang is a large agricultural province, its rich Wuchang rice and Xiangshui rice is particularly famous, stewed rice, soup like fresh milk, rice, such as oil, rice quality soft, fragrant attack people. These veritable green food, undoubtedly promoted the steady development of Heilongjiang agriculture.
As we all know, in recent years with the rise of the internet, the traditional Heilongjiang agricultural sales model can not fully adapt to the trend of the times. Heilongjiang Huatai Commodity Trading Center as a platform to deal with agricultural products, its emerging e-commerce sales model to fast, convenient, cost-saving, eliminating unnecessary intermediate links and other advantages gradually accepted by people.
Dragon Business Huatai City is the Heilongjiang Huatai Commodity Trading Center, a emergence of online farm products trading platform, by the farmers will be the product to the Dragon Business Huatai, and then by the Dragon business Huatai products directly into the hands of customers, covering the integration of resources, logistics and distribution of all processes, to achieve seamless docking.
Long Shang Huatai city has always been committed to Heilongjiang agricultural agricultural products trading mode from offline to online transition and transformation. The generation of e-commerce, so that the traditional agricultural market model has changed, for example, no longer need intermediaries, in the business chain of the lack of intermediaries will be a very serious problem. In addition, the traffic that is not convenient also affects the distribution, need self-built channel.
Although the transition is more difficult than expected, but the dragon merchants Huatai City did not give up easily. E-Commerce Sales methods both save costs, but also for farmers to provide more opportunities to sell agricultural products, reduce the possibility of product slow-selling, but also directly improve economic efficiency, advantages outweigh the disadvantages. We have reason to believe that, under their efforts, will make a greater contribution to Heilongjiang's agricultural development.

The internet, helping to push the transformation and development of Heilongjiang agriculture

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