The interval of a late year

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Travel: inexplicable, the meaning of the Tao is unknown

Although it is not clear how the trip to my specific meaning, but there is always a feeling: if more than half a year without going out to travel, will be uncomfortable. Like this sentence: people, whether it is the mind or the body, there is always one to be on the road. Reading is a kind of spiritual travel! Especially in the absence of surgery, all day in the work circle, only through reading, so that the lonely heart to be liberated. In a moment, a corner, a scene, tears, an inexplicable move rushed to my heart, not clear, the Tao is unclear. A person may be an animal with a particularly strong sense of loneliness.

First knowledge interval year

The first to know the concept of "gap year" is from the sun of the "late interval of the year" book obtained. Remember that was in the sophomore, at that time did not read a breath, just read a part, I feel the Sun Dong pure interval of travel is what I want to do without the courage to do things. I gave every student in the class an electronic version of the "Interval of late," thinking that the concept of "gap year" may help some students, and I have read a part of it, quietly stored up, it may be unbearable strikethrough feeling it! This one, is three or four years. Now I have to enter the study two stage of learning, for me, "gap year" is always someone else, I can not put, but I recognize the concept, more like the feeling on the road.

On the road: Mind and Body

My travels were earlier than the idea of the "Gap Year". Although not like sun can spend more than a year to travel, to sentiment, but my footsteps have not stopped intermittently. My university four years is restless four years, not like other classmates constantly to do part-time money, also did not honestly stay in the laboratory to engage in scientific research. Although the result is good final GPA, but spends in the specialized course the study time is far less than the reading, the travel time. I can't remember how many novels I've read and how many places I've been to. One of my deepest feelings is the first two trips before graduating: 51 before the Shandong and small team's Baiyangdian trip. These two were spent with the best of friends. Unlike Sun's travels, I actually prefer to be with a better friend. Traveling alone is a good thing to travel alone, traveling with a companion and walking together is wonderful! And there's a common feature of all two trips: my best friend is a guide, and I get a lot of attention along the journey. Here involuntarily to mention their names, to express my respect for them: Shandong chapter of the Wang Shaojun and Baiyangdian Yang Yang, thank you for your magnanimous and selfless care, thank you! Besides traveling and playing basketball, reading is my favorite thing to do. The most impressive is the sophomore summer reading "Tokugawa Kang", following the grand scene I came to the Three Kingdoms of Japan, feel the perseverance of Tokugawa Kang. And borrowing the last chapter of the Count of Monte Cristo, which is also my favorite quote, "the greatest wisdom of mankind is contained in these two words before God ignores the mysteries of mankind, that is: Patience and hope", stating that Tokugawa Ieyasu has such great wisdom. In fact, I prefer to weave Nobunaga long, even one of my code-name on the use of weaving Nobunaga long names, and gave my evaluation: he is a genius, but also a peerless fool, you can never keep up with his thinking footsteps. Others have said that Japan's three Kingdoms period, says Weaving Nobunaga is a kind of corn, Toyotomi Hideyoshi is making corn cakes, and Tokugawa Kang is eating tortillas. Mention weaving Nobunaga long, chest narrow between a kind of temperamental predominance potential in overflowing, that is syndicate, vigorous. Wandering in the unknown is really virtual scene, always heart to feel, intentions to travel. It feels good to be on the road!

The interval of a late year

Re-read the "Interval of late", is fast to research a summer vacation. At that time, the state was very poor, the idea of academic, employment, coupled with the pressure of scientific research, in short, is on the brink of collapse. A year did not go home, also did not go out to travel, the reading content also is the programming book, the research paper replaces. In order to achieve a certain result, suppress their desire, the time is maneuvers to the top of the paper. Often the more you value, the more you pay, the more damage you lose. The pain of frustration is unmatched when you find that the work you do ends up not wanting to achieve your goals. Later by learning new skills to divert attention to the impossible goals, began to gradually relax the allocation of time, with the ability to read the time, think of the place has been a long period of "late Interval", then began to desperate to read up. Sun is a perceptual person, I believe that the perceptual person will be more humane than rational people, more rich breath of life. And I, born and perceptual no, doomed to eat a lot of suffering to learn to lighten some, open-minded some. "Late interval Year" is similar to a travel travels, but there is not simple is a travels, more is a kind of soul sustenance. As the beginning of the said, although I can not go, but the author went, following the author's description, my mind can also cross the distance between time, space, empathy!

The journey of love: Discovering Love on a journey, learning to love in travel, practicing love in travel

Sun Dong Pure Travel, is a person backpackers travel, personally feel is not on paper experience. I think the biggest influence on him should be the day of volunteering. Not only did he find love in those days, he learned to love, and he practiced love. Remember when recruiting volunteers for an interview, ask Sun Dong a pure question: Why did you come here? Sun said: I come to help the people who need it. The lady smiled and said, "we don t need your help, but we're need you are here." How philosophical, we don't need your help, but we need you here. The meaning of your being here is greater than what you offer to help. That is a certain, affirmation of this cause, is the humanitarian concern.

Sentiment: Precipitation of self, with the book as a companion

I think everyone has a different experience of life. Interval year is a concept, is a kind of mentality, a kind of humane care for life and mind. People, are born to like "wandering". "Late interval Year" to my biggest impact is to let me eliminate the impetuous, abandon the mentality of quick success. Although not to practice the interval of the year, but "wandering" nature has rooted in the heart, the soul of the wandering may be more suitable for me, then let me with the book as a companion!

Less art

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The interval of a late year

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