The introduction of three-dimensional visualization tools for medical images (Volpack, VTK, Volview, MITK)

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Introduction to three-dimensional visualization tools for medical images (Volpack, VTK, Volview, MITK) three-dimensional visualization of medical images as an important branch of scientific visualization, along with the development of scientific visualization has undergone two major development processes: surface rendering technology based on contour slice and voxel-based volume rendering technology.
1. Volpack Shear-warp fast Body rendering algorithm is a new algorithm proposed by Marc Levoy and Philippe Lacrounte in 1994 to improve the speed of direct volume rendering technology. At present, Shear-warp fast body rendering algorithm has been recognized as the fastest direct body rendering acceleration algorithm, the algorithm in the SGI Indigo workstation, without any hardware accelerated environment, drawing human Head medical data field (data field size is 128x128x109),     The average drawing time can be up to 0.4 seconds per frame. The SHEAR-WARP algorithm combines the advantages of image space and object-space based rendering: The image space-based rendering technology can utilize the high correlation between adjacent pixels in image space, and the object-space-based rendering technique can utilize the high correlation between adjacent voxel in object space. The traditional direct body rendering algorithm needs to re-process the spatial data field once the observation direction changes, resulting in long waits, and the SHEAR-WARP algorithm overcomes these shortcomings effectively, only the spatial data field is processed once, and only two-dimensional convolution function is used in sampling, which can draw different visual directions     The image, greatly improves the drawing speed.  Around the shear-warp fast body rendering algorithm, the Levoy task force set up a good software platform Volpack for follow-up research in 1994, which provides a function library to implement SHEAR-WARP fast body rendering algorithm. 2. Volview first download the software: If the students can not sisu the network, please 126 e-mail Download (17.4M). The Volview Help document (2.5M) is also attached to the user NAME:C3P_VTK PASSWORD:C3P_VTK mailbox.
3. MITK CAs Automation Dr. and other people to develop, the purpose is to solve the problem between ITK and VTK interface. They have developed 3DMed software based on MITK and can download it on
Supplementary Note: The above introduction is very early and shallow. If you want to learn more, you must keep learning, avoid a lot of information on the hard drive and never look. Personally feel for the medical image of the body drawing, with Volpack is the best, it provides C writing source code. The significance of understanding Volview is to be familiar with such commercial software abroad.
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