The Java--java talent status of the IT talent vane is the result of a large survey

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At the end of February, we had on-site interviews with Java talent and recruiting units, and on-site interviews were able to expose the problem more profoundly, but could not get a large sample size. After that, we did a big survey on the Java talent situation on the website, with an average of about 3,700 participants in the survey.

The results of the survey are as follows:

1. Your current position
1. Your current position

2. Your level of education
3. Your work experience is 4. Plans for career prospects due to the majority of the Java talent, and less work experience generally, so in the job position to upgrade the technology to become the current first choice for Java talent, to the management and non-technical positions to the long-term. 5. What are some of the ways you usually choose to promote yourself? Because there is no effective succession, and echelon learning mechanism, talent learning technology to improve their own methods are also focused on reading and surfing the way of self-study. 6. What kind of newspaper or magazine do you like to read most? 7. What training have you attended in Java

More than 1/3 of Java talent participated in some form of training, which the proportion of actual combat training is high.

8. What certification do you have in Java
The employer's distrust and lack of recognition of the certification also directly caused the Java talent to ignore the certification, more than 80% of people without any certification. 9. How several companies have you been through since you joined the job? Above, the Java Talent's working condition is more stable, experience 3 and above work unit's proportion is very small, but this also with the Java talent overall working time is not long, the technical level waits for the promotion to have the relation. 10. How many companies do you usually have to go after an interview to find a job before you can succeed? 11. What did the company ask for when applying? In the figure of the employer's needs at a glance, around the "experience" word, either have actual work experience, or project actual combat experience, and certification qualifications are very low proportion. 12. What are some of the issues you are most concerned about in vocational education training? 13. Please select the training institution you have known 14. What do you think are the better training institutions?

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