The key point of data center wiring cannot be neglected

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The total number of data centers in China has reached 510,530 in 2012, with a total market size of $11.93 billion trillion, and the infrastructure construction market associated with data centers will reach billions, according to IDC's latest study. Along with this rapid development of the industry trend, intelligent wiring gradually from the original "icing on the cake" evolved into the necessary products, more and more widely concerned.

As early as in the "2010 China Integrated Wiring Market Development Report" on the show, considering the use of intelligent cabling the proportion of respondents has been as high as 82%. For the data center wiring system, the user basically has recognized the necessity of the intelligent wiring.

Data center wiring cannot be ignored

If the network equipment to provide the transmission channel, then, integrated wiring in the network for this highway paved on the road. With the development of network technology, data center storage network has to be considered in advance, and cabling system in this environment has a huge and long-term impact, the data center cabling system mainly through the cable, it is the data and power pipeline carrier, can use about 15 years time.

If the peripheral network infrastructure is compared to the human nerves, then the data center will be the human brain, and all the increase in data volume requires a larger data center to adapt to the data center within the network infrastructure is also facing the need for further upgrades, As the infrastructure of the internal connection and management of the data center, the wiring system plays a key role in the reliability, manageability and the support of the data flow.

Cabling System is an important part of the data center infrastructure, linking all the key facilities. The network problem in the data center is largely due to the comprehensive wiring of the physical layer.

Standard for integrated cabling of data centers

A data center is a complex set of facilities that includes not only computer systems and other devices (such as communications and storage systems) that are associated with them, redundant data communication connections, environmental control equipment, monitoring equipment and a variety of safety devices, but also include strong electricity, air-conditioning, security, monitoring, fire monitoring/fire extinguishing, network infrastructure, such as weak systems.

Centralized and multi-functional buildings can accommodate multiple servers and communication equipment, so data centers have the particularity and importance of distinguishing from other general systems. It is very important to establish a data center cabling system with high bandwidth, high density, high flexibility, higher reliability and high scalability and green energy. At the same time, the data center with these functions can effectively play an effective role, so that the system itself and the entire data center can be smoothly upgraded and sustained and stable development.

1. High bandwidth

As an information communication infrastructure, cabling system should take into account that its data exchange is often hundreds of times times or even thousands of times times that of general network or end-user data traffic. The future application and development of data center require that its wiring system backbone can support Wan fiber wiring, and can be extended to 40g/100g transmission requirements; The access layer requires support for gigabit transmission rates and can meet the needs of million-gigabit transmission.

2. High reliability

In the deployment of cabling systems to be forward-looking, to be able to adapt to the needs of future development. Data center is the server, network equipment and storage equipment, such as the interconnection center of the core devices, any one channel or port failures can cause the entire system to run abnormally or even interrupt, so the high reliability of the data center is particularly important. In addition to the use of general equipment redundancy, data backup, wiring system should adopt modular structure, the use of intelligent management system to ensure the high reliability of the system.

3. High Density

The high density of the data center is closely related to the pre-termination system, the MPO (multi-fiber connector), which is a good way to implement the former. The pre-termination system is a standard modular connectivity solution for factory termination and testing, and is being paid more attention by more and more users. The MPO is undoubtedly a hot topic in data center optical fiber system and an effective means to achieve high density. Fiber optic connectors are experiencing the "from big to small, from less to more (dense)" phase, the MPO represents the future mainstream, the future to high-density, high-performance, 40g/100g, longer distance, more high-speed transfer upgrade process, can not be separated from the MPO.

4. Manageability

Many enterprises have recognized the importance of data center management. This involves the concept of intelligent infrastructure management, although still a broad concept, but to do management, must have tools, we want to expand the existing data center, or to build a cloud data center to achieve intelligent infrastructure management, we need to introduce intelligent wiring system. Intelligent Cabling System including electronic wiring frame, intelligent manager and software, in a sense, is also a sensor and sensor network integration, and Ethernet plus IP integration.

Although the Simple Network Management Protocol can view the network traffic in real time, only through the intelligent wiring system, the network administrator can fully view the complete physical connection of the cabling system, and easily report the problems appearing in the data center, find, track and alarm.

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