The key words "waterproof casing" optimization to Baidu home page technical Case analysis

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Keywords optimization of waterproof casing

Waterproof casing keyword in Baidu optimization when it is not easy, this is a lot of SEO Optimizer's speech, why say so, because the waterproof casing belongs to the industry for a very strong commercial nature, a lot of competitive crowd, the corresponding keyword competition is particularly fierce, fierce return to fierce, facing an index of less than 300 of the key words, Optimization to the home page in addition to the time problem, is a technical problem.

analysis on the quantity of inner page and counter chain

Waterproof casing in the first page of the site analysis, found that there is no good planning, news release is very confusing, the internal article keyword accumulation is very powerful, why can also be photographed on the home page? We open webmaster tools, the analysis of its web site, found that its Baidu included in the amount of three thousand or four thousand, the chain is included to 30,000. But instability, some people concluded that there must be a relationship with the chain, this I can not deny the chain in the Baidu ranking of the use, but I am more concerned about the user experience, we "waterproof casing" keyword second, found that his Baidu included but is more than 300 days, outside the chain contains less than 500, ranked second, the first two difference is very large, Let me conclude that keyword ranking optimization, not by your outside the chain or the number of your inner pages to play a decisive role.

 Quantity and quality analysis of inner page and back chain

The second ranking of the site (waterproof casing keywords), the internal article only hundreds of, included a high rate, into the internal article page, very simple article, all are original, no one is false original. I analyzed here, I gave this site to play a very high score, then I went to query this site has been Baidu first home (we do not click, this site, here just to do an analysis, I am a SEO webmaster). Again, the chain, I analyzed the two sites of the reverse chain, the top two is a huge contrast, a collection of tens of thousands, a only hundreds of, why the two sites can compete in the first two? Why not: "Yu Long Waterproof Casing" (This is a friend of the enterprise station, but also at his invitation, I'm going to do one of those analyses. His Baidu included all above the first page in the second place, this thing to let everyone to a careful thinking. I through the chain analysis, I found that the less linked to the chain site, do the station outside the chain are well-known platform, SEO children's shoes, you should know why?

 Comprehensive analysis of keyword ranking of "Waterproof casing"

We do for the waterproof casing keyword analysis, you can make a brief conclusion, in doing keyword Baidu ranking optimization, to pay attention to user experience, as well as the original degree of the article, and site exposure rate (reverse chain construction), content for the king, reverse chain for the emperor this. Is the constant truth, but not to say that your inner pages the more the better, for the enterprise-type site, to do their own long tail keyword, positioning to buy customers, can not easily hair, otherwise even if included, will spread the weight of your home page. Original and quality plus positioning of the purchase group and user experience, is the direction of the internal article development, the external chain should focus on the establishment of high-quality reverse chain. Will get a better result. Otherwise you will be hair junk link, to get ranked (I said Baidu has not found your time), and then Baidu found you are a black hat, direct k you

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