The last 3G in TD-LTE technology-mobile age with mobile phones as the core

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With the comprehensive commercial use of 3G, as the world's 4G (or the last 3g) candidate standards of TD-LTE technology has become the focus of the 2010 China International Information and Communications exhibition of major equipment manufacturers. The commercial applications of several equipment manufacturers can be seen in the previous article "2010 communications exhibition under triple play. This time, let's take a look at the most direct impact of the 3G era-the mobile age with mobile phones as the core.

With the mobile work and life, smart terminals will replace the bulky PC into the lives of all over the world. "The apple market exceeded Microsoft, which means that mobile demand exceeds fixed requirements ." Said Dr. Lu Xiaohua, a media research expert. With the improvement and commercialization of mobile terminal operating systems such as iPhone, Android, and window Phone 7, it is easy to operate and access smart phones and other mobile terminals anytime and anywhere; in addition, various major media are competing to improve wireless portal websites such as mobile video, music, and reading. The operator leads various industries to enter a new era of mobile communication with mobile phones as the core.

As an industry-leading UI component supplier, twaver has already taken the lead in proposing mobile terminal solutions. Twaver products on display at the Sava software exhibition stand are provided based on Java, flex, and ,. net, Web four development platform product series, can solve the business application running on PC to Android, Windows Phone 7, iPhone/iPad and other mobile terminals smoothly transfer issues.

IPhone applications:

Android applications:

"The Internet and mobile communication are two major industries in this age ." Said Liu Yun, sales and operation director of Google Greater China. The Internet has already entered thousands of households. As you can see, you have personally realized the huge influence of the Internet. It is everywhere and penetrated into every corner of people's lives. For the Chinese market, mobile communication, which is still in its infancy, will flourish with the popularization of personal mobile terminals. Undoubtedly, the mobile communication industry will be the most promising industry in recent years, it is also an industry that leads the development of the times.

No matter from the perspective of equipment manufacturers and operators, from the device level or from the network construction level, no doubt everyone is actively contributing to the construction of the mobile Internet. Twaver is ready for the new era of mobile communication. Are you ready?

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