The later realization and style exploration of the lotus of Photoshop painting meaning

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Midsummer again, the twinkling of an eye is a good season to shoot the Lotus.

Lotus's cultural temperament, has always been a preference for traditional culture, this preference, but also created a large number of people like to shoot Lotus photography, every summer, online exhibition on the media film Lotus

The theme of the work is overwhelming.

How to stand out in the mass of the Lotus works, so that people get fresh feeling, it is difficult and difficult, this article through some later methods, try to make some sense of visual strangeness,

This is also a major factor in the success of photographic work.

The general Lotus works, often photographed as clear as possible, colorful, this kind of work is often unavoidable to let life annoying, serious aesthetic fatigue, at this time, we may wish to reverse thinking,

Let the work as far as possible fuzzy abstract, this also with Chinese traditional aesthetic will produce coincidence. Therefore, before the creation of Lotus works, the Chinese traditional cultural aesthetic has deep feelings and research, also

Very necessary, this is a kind of preparation of the ideological before creation.

An ordinary Lotus works, although the composition is good, lotus, Lotus leaf, stem point line of the combination is also good, but this kind of photos we have seen too much, will not let people remember.

We can try to use the traditional photography techniques inside the multiple exposure, so that the work has changed.

Put a picture of the virtual Coke taken from the Lotus pond and place it in the original photo to form a new layer.

Add a new layer of blending mode to overlay, in Photoshop CS5 version, layer blending mode increased by two, to 27, you can try more and familiar with

A variety of blending modes, sometimes with unexpected surprises.

Slightly adjust two layers of contrast, hue, transparency and other parameters, you can easily get a dream of the Lotus film.

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